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I get the feeling that you might not be joking there.
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How could you tell?

Marmalade jars on the other hand are great.
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Originally Posted by lefty View Post

If my bag of coffee can't take anyone breathing in it's general direction it's time to switch to milk.

Last week at my cabin: pot of water + pre-ground coffee + added heat until nearly boiled + time to settle = mighty fine coffee.  


Cowboy coffee ftw. Just strain out the grounds with your teeth while you are sipping. Like a MAN.

I actually love coffee made in one of those old school percolators over a fire or campstove. This is certainly almost exclusively an emotional attachment, but what food isn't emotional?
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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

I've read that peanut jars aren't proper storage jars. Please use any other jar you can find.

I peeled off the label so no worries
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Originally Posted by shadowsnuzzy View Post

Coffee starts to peak at day 9-10. After that, the quality is just downhill. By week 3, it's almost as bad as anything you could find in Safeway. 

That's an exaggeration. Coffee flavors just diminish with time. A great coffee whose flavors are dampened is still way better than anything you can find in a supermarket.
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Eggshells ocassionslly. To be honest, I'm not sure they do much, but they look cool. I didnt strain either so the last few cups were a little crunchy.

I too miss percolators.

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Freezing beans is mandatory if one is pulling their own shots.  If it's drip coffee, I'll let the bag stay out.  I'll go through a 12 oz bag in about 1.5 weeks if I drink my morning cup.


I ended up freezing to get the crema and freshness that espresso demands.  Sadly my espresso machine is mostly unused as the summer rolls in and I'm cold-brewing coffee overnight instead of making espresso.

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First time I'm using a light espresso roast. Quite different, not only tastewise but also in the preperation. With "regularly" roasted beans, my basket is well-filled with 15g. For the same filling level, I need 16g of the light roast. I also just pulled a ristretto that should've been fine regarding the parameters but it had almost no crema (and the bit that was there looked odd and was fleeting) and wasn't balanced (it's obviously fruity/acidic but this was very acidic). Oh well, bitchy beans I guess. Should'e bought a pound, not half a pound.
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What's "light" to you? I can only find three places in new york that don't pull light shots, cafe momo who uses Cafee Sacco, Starbucks, and my Nespresso machine. I am so sick of sour acid shots in this city.
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Edit: May bad. That was actually the filter roast (grabbed the wrong bag).

Left is "normal", middle is "light" filter roast, right is "light" espresso roast. Again, not sure how light they actually are, but they are lighter than what I usually use.

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99.9% of new york espresso bars are middle and right.
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Just pulled a nice ristretto. Crema odd again (broke up very quickly). Not that it matters (crema tastes bad anyway), but I've never really had problems with crema so far. The taste is really acquired. I can understand why you're no fan, pB. Maybe interesting every now and then.
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It's not bad, it is just too prevalent.
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I am going to Seattle next month any coffee shops I should drop into?
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