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Foams like crazy. I had about 4oz (volume) of foam.

Not my pic.

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frown.gif. I can't do latte art.
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What happens? Is your milk steamed decently?
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Yeah. It has that wet paint look. The milk never rises even if I put the pitcher lower. Am I putting it lower too late?

Also how to do two latte arts from one pitcher?
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Do you hear the proper noises? If the milk doesn't rise, you're not incorporating air. it should rise about 50%. Maybe a bit less. You don't "put the pitcher lower" in the end. If anything, you're doing so in the beginning. Lower means the steam lance gets less covered by the milk and incorporates more air.

You should have at least two pitchers.
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Lowering pitcher when pouring.

I get about an inch of foam after I pour but the milk won't rise to make patterns.

I tried the two pitcher method but the second one had too much thick foam. I want to try the spoon method
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One inch is way too much for a proper cappuccino (150ml), unless you have some odd cappuccino mugs. The mugs matter, by the way, so if yours suck (for example straight walls), you're gonna have a bad time.

If the second had too much thick foam, you either didn't steam properly (i.e. it wasn't uniform), or you've waited too long so the milk and foam seperated. I suggest using three pitchers, one for steaming and two for the latte art. Don't fill pitcher one, then two but both at the same time (especially in the beginning bit by bit since if it's not homogenous, the thick foam will pour at first and you want to spread it over both pitchers).
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Straight walls. Thanks or the tips
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Get your hands on some "regular" cappuccino mugs where the walls narrow to the bottom and try again. If it works, it's the mugs.
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I have a quickmill Andreja Premium (HX) and am struggling to monitor temperature. I'm not willing to spend $100+ on a temp gauge like Eric's or a PID. Kind of disappointed that an $1800 machine doesn't have excellent temperature stability. Any ideas how I can monitor grouphead/water temperature WHILE pulling the shot? I've done some water dances and temp surfing but I'm still not getting the kind of shots I expect out of a high end machine. 

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Originally Posted by A Y View Post

An interesting and wide-ranging interview with Oliver Strand who's probably done more to demystify high-end coffee than anyone else, whether you agree with him or not:

Among other things, he talks about some interesting coffee shops in NYC (Joe Pro, Propeller), the culture of coffee around the world (including Japan and Korea), and the psychology of coffee. I also didn't realize coffee culture in NYC was that young.
I'm actually at this Propeller coffee shop Oliver talks about here. As it turns out I know the owner from another coffee shop she used to work at. Small world. She is using Toby estates coffee. It's refreshing as I've been getting sick of the abundance of Stumptown around here.
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Originally Posted by A Y View Post

lefty, you may want to check this out:

I haven't had it yet, but I'm going to be dropping by my local Peet's soon to pick up a bag.


Thanks. Just got back from a week in the woods drinking cowboy coffee so this will be a pleasant change.



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Originally Posted by shadowsnuzzy View Post

Anyone know how hard it is to become a certified Barista? How much time commitment is it? Been into the espresso game for 2 years now and wanted to improve my technique and learn more about the art

no idea how credible this place is or what your result will be.

Lots of good coffee in Michigan. Populace and Madcap are excellent sources for beans

The purpose of tamping is to lock in your distribution of coffee. This was mentioned in a previous post. Distribution > tamping and has more of an effect on the result in the cup. Consistency of tamping pressure, whatever amount you use, is the goal.
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How do you guys store your beans? I used to have this automatic vacuum canister, but it crapped out after like 6 months. If I buy a pound of coffee it will last me a while so I am not sure what the best method is. Is pretty much anything airtight ok, or should I look for one of those CO2 valve release mumbo jumbo things?
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The best way via the info from home barista and coffee geek is to use vacuum sealed ball jars.  For myself personally, I just use two ziploc bags, one large, one small, both with the built in zip plastic things.  You make sure to seal both tight after pushing out as much air as possible.  Rule of thumb is to also never throw a bag of frozen coffee that was open back in, otherwise the stuff loses its integrity.  I was able to pull great espresso shots with the frozen beans, which means they were still very much fresh.


Picked up another African Coffee, I don't think the super fruit forward thing is working with me.  All I can taste is the acidity and sour in the cup.  It is called Kilenso Mokonisa from Counter Culture.  Time to go back to my staple chocolatey nutty blends.

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