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I was looking at Tonx with my g/f the other day after hearing about good experiences here and we decided not to do it. I think it is great if you live in middle america with no access to fresh good coffee, but in NYC when we walk past a stumptown every day just to get to the train the added cost of Tonx doesn't make it worthwhile, especially when they are roasting the beans right here in the city.


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I did sign up for a free sample, but doubt I'll continue for the reasons you listed. There is a hipster coffee shop across the street from me that carries ST beans so I'm good to go.


Blueberry - I did get it heavily in the Yergacheffe (Supernatural?) which wasn't unpleasant, but think I prefer richer caramel and chocolate tones. 




I'm jealous.


Luckily, Tonx is the perfect solution for the rural Pennsylvania coffee lover. 

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lefty: where did you get your coffee beans when you lived in essex county? Anyone know a good spot specifically around the montclair area?
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Whole foods was probably the best around me. Trader Joe's in a pinch - I liked their Bali Blue Moon. Not sure about Montclair as I rarely went there.



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ah yeah, thanks i've been getting some from WF as well.
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I bought the packaged coffee not the open bin stuff. Just check the dates. There was a local roaster who had a coffee called "Organic Love Blend" that I liked, but then I'm a romantic.



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You guys are right. Yirgacheffes can show blueberry flavors as well, as the Peet's ESN shows. I'm so used to washed YCs with their floral, acidy flavors that I keep forgetting that.
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AY, do me a favour and post when Peet's releases anything interesting. One of the few retailers I don't mind ordering from.




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Will do. In the meantime, have you tried their two new Indonesian coffees? It's not my thing, but you may like their flavor profiles.
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Sumatran peaberry? No, but I'll give one a shot. My favourite coffee is Balinese so the Sumatran should be somewhat close.



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Yes, and it uses a milling method ("semi-washed" or wet-hulling as Peet's calls it) unique to that region, which gives many coffees there their unique taste.
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I just bought a new espresso machine. The Rancilio Silvia with the Rocky grinder. So far so good. Been trying various beans with it but have been looking to try the Black Cat espresso from Intelligentsia. Has anyone tried their beans yet? It is not cheap and shipping is not cheap, which kind of irks me. I am happy to pay good money for the beans, or anything else for that matter, but shipping should be free above a certain amount. Am I off on this line of thinking? Anyway, thanks!

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Well, shipping does cost money, so yes, kinda. Nice setup though.

$11.95 for shipping:
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My favourite coffee comes from Mongolia.

"American Flavour" by Coffeeking of Ulan Bator.
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I signed up for the Tonx trial but I don't think I will keep it (sorry, your referral link will not come to anything).

I usually only make coffee at home on the weekend, and not that much. I figure tonx works out to ~5 cups a weekend (at 17g in an aeropress) so there will be a lot of waste. Since they ship mondays, I'll always be using the oldest beans since I won't use them until they have already sat around for a week.

I can get plenty good coffee here for less so I guess it just doesn't make sense for me (especially considering you are paying $24 for less than a pound of coffee)
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Nothing says quality like Coffeeking 3 in 1 Instant Coffeemix.
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