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Initials in MTM shirts?

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Do initials in the cuff of a MTM shirt look elegant or "show-off"ish? Do typically the initals fade away after usage?
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I think it's a bit showy and generally reflects poorly on the wearer. I don't think the letters will fade, as they're typically sewn in (correct me if I'm wrong).

If you're going to go with intials, put them on the inside near the yoke or something discreet.
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I have mixed feelings about initials, but I agree something discreet is best. If you do opt for initials, something in a small type, with a tonal thread rather than contrasting (which stands out far too much), can be perfectly acceptable. YMMV.
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And definitely do not do the cuff if you are going to do a monogram. Lots of other better places.
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I think there is no reason not to have them inside the yoke, and no reason to put them on the outside of the shirt--this only serves to let people know that you have a monogrammed shirt.
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Originally Posted by Mecnun
Do initials in the cuff of a MTM shirt look elegant or "show-off"ish? Do typically the initals fade away after usage?
Do not bother with your initials. Have your full name, including middle name, sewed on. Throw in your phone number and social security number for good measure.
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I put in another vote for the inside of the yoke.

I can add pictures of yoke and self-color tomorrow.
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The fit of a good MTM shirt should be your 'signature', not some exposed letters identifying the shirt as yours. Monograms on the outside, to me, ruin the lines of a nice shirt.

Nothing wrong with having the inside of the yoke monogrammed though.
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A fun thing that one could do (as a lovely littel quirk as any dandy has) would be to pick out shirts of one's extensive wardrobe (I think starting at 70 shirts and going from there) and designate, say, 10 to each day of the week.

Then put the abbreviation of the day in a nice, noticeable color on the cuff (soemone that knows you is aware that you're not MON the one day and TUE the other day). That way you can hang tham in your closet and pick a MON shirt on monday, whcih makes the whole deciding-processa lot easier.

I think I read that somewhere, but don't ask me where.
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I find the inside of the yoke to be a really stupid place for a monogram.
I do not know who decided to put it there, but i don't get it. Back when monograms were done by hand it may have been ok, but today they are sewn in by machine. There is usually a backing and lots of thread.

I perfer a smallish monogram in a matching shade about even with the 4th button.

I don't usually monogram my own shirts

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A monogram, if any, should be placed where it can be seen when the shirt is on a hanger. That way the cleaners can spot your shirts easily if mixed in with someone else's. This has helped stop my shirts from going home with someone else on more than one occasion. Monograms inside the yoke don't help in this respect.
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