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Best material for suits and best place online to buy them

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Hello All! I am looking to get a new suit for my Engagment which is a away month I went to several stores locally and found the department stores are over priced. I was browsing online and reading about Virgin Wool, one store rep in Belk told me thats the best material....this true? Just trying to find a nice suit at a budgeted price Looking for a Black with pin light grey pin stripes Also anyone have any feedback about > mensusa.com They claim to sell italian suits, high quality 150 Virgn wool for $199i Any help or website recommendations are appreciated
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A $199 suit will probably be pretty crap.
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Unfortunetly I must budget my suit purchase. I don't see why a suit from menswarehouse made of worstead wool is better than a suit from italy made from 100% virgin wool. Just because something cost more does not always make it better.
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Of course, 'virgin' wool, that is, new wool will be the best material for a suit. But the quality of the material will depend on more than whether it is 'virgin' or whether it is 'wool.' Was the material from reputable fabric mill like Loro Piana, Zegna, etc? s150, s140 is a gimmick. A suiting material can be s150 but complete crap.

Also a suit is a very complicated piece of clothing. Highly constructed.

199 will never get you a nice suit. But you're on a budget. What do you consider your maximum price?

Also, perhaps it's better to get a charcoal suit rather than a black pinstripe. An engagement is a formal thing, but the suit will go a longer ways if you could also use it for business.
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$199 is not enough for good fabric let alone good construction and salary for a competent designer. Just to let you know. You'll be better off buying used from ebay. Others know and can tell you more about that than I can.
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Theres the link to the for the S150 Suit. Says from Italy but I new the the whole suit thing so may be a gimmick

I already have a Ralph Lauren chaps suit thats charcoal/grey
Its 92% wool and 8% cashmere, guess I could wear that

I would idealy want to spend $250 out the door
Would prefer something online if I can find a nice suit
Does not need to high class just someone budgeted made of nice material
Any thoughts or recomendations? ebay? overstock?

Is it better to still to brand names like perry ellis, ralph lauren, etc
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Suits from Chaps, Perry Ellis, and the ones you showed us, is just not going to cut it I'm afraid. I rather rent a suit than have the agony of a piece of crap sitting in my closet. Chaps and Perry Ellis are just low-end suits. Ralph Lauren is decent, but you can do much better at the price. Go to STP and look around. Here's the link, you can probably afford Southwick or Arnold Brant. Wouldn't be more than $500. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/d/4326_Mens-Suits.html Someone give him the STP discount coupon.
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Yes, STP would be a good bet......inexpensive (relative to the retail cost of the suit), good selection and great return policy.

But you might also try Nieman's last call. You can occasionally get a Hickey Freeman at 399 or maybe less. The other option would be Nordstrom's Rack but you need to know what you are doing there since they definitely have some bad suits for sale. But if you take a friend that knows suits you can get a good suit there (I am guessing that the value/quality you should shoot for is $500-800 at retail but 199-249 at the Rack).

Stay far far away from Ebay unless you have thousands of dollars or lots of hours to spend to learn who is good, who is not and what is crap and what is not. Ebay has become the center of the largest scam artist convention on earth.

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Wrxsti04, You're a sheep that just walked into a wolf den. Pkincy, I've wasted a lot of money on ebay. Although I have saved a lot too. Wasted more than saved though. But like a gambling addict, I'll keep on playing until I'm even. :P. Now, I only buy from sellers I trust.
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