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Recommendations for tailor(s) in montreal (canada)

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Are there any forum members that can recommend a decent tailor for some relatively complex alterations in the Montreal area? Eg. Completely redoing the cuffs on a jacket (velvet) that were too shortened previously (there is enough fabric- I unpicked them myself to check). Changing a 40 L to a 40 R (1 1/2" off the sleeves and 1" off the bottom). And less complex but still important:- Standard nips and tucks to reduce the waist (I have broad shoulders but a thin frame so most jackets in my size have to much space around the belly). Not to mention the ability to sew a damn button on correctly... ...it's no longer funny the amount of time I have had to return a blazer because the buttons were not attached in line or they were sewn on sideways or upside down. You would think that with seemingly a tailor on each corner in this city you would be able to find some one that could do a basic job with out screwing up; but I have exausted the recommedations of my (better dressed) collegues and don't want to use the trial and error method to find another tailor who is incapable of doing what is asked of him on the first shot. Thanks in advance.
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Dude if you wanna do alterations Montreal is NOT the place for you, believe me there is not at single tailor that is really really good and I searched for 4 years so I should know. If you shop at Harry Rosen they send all the major alterations to be done at their store in Toronto for more minor tasks they use the dry cleaner/tailor on the metrolevel of Le Cours Mont Royal, some Arabic dude who does half decent work. I suggest you go to Holts on Sherbrooke they have their own in house tailors who do a fairly good job
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does L'Uomo Montreal maybe have a good alterations tailor?
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I can't remember the name of the boutique if it's the one I think on peel then I definitely have to say no, I suggest you stay clear of all those boutiques on Peel st they overcharge for crap that's mostly last season same thing with Giorgio in Les Cours, a couple of Italian thugs who run the place think they actually qualify to give fashion advice and they have a 90 year old dude who can hardly see as their supposed tailor...
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the address for L'Uomo Montreal is listed as 1452 rue Peel...
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yeah I know it just across le cours, I bought a suit there last year on sale and they send it to the same drycleaner that I mentioned, they don't do anything in house as far as I know
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