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Get some Tees in Large please. I'm not even going to bother PMing you. But you'll always make $ on re-sales...
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If he gets to overloaded i plan on going to the sale as well.
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Thanks for the indirect heads-up. I'll see you at the sample sale JD!
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s/s wool pants in charcoal, size 32. if you please.
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WILL BUY: Scarves Khaki Chambray Shirt (MEDIUM, LARGE IF NO MEDIUMS) Black Chambray Shirt (SMALL OR MEDIUM, LARGE IF NO MEDIUMS) Any color selvedge jeans EXCEPT BLUE (Size 31) Melton Wool button shirt (Small or Medium) if price is low Wool pants size 31
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PLEASE to whoever is going, I'm also in Canada and, if available to you in the sale, I would gladly pay for the Black Wool HandKnit Hoodie in XS Would also buy any black or dark grey cowichan sweater from past seasons in XS if above is not available. Thanks... btw- secondary interest would be for XS dark color zip cardigans (black and dark grey preferred) and the dark grey melton wool or black mackinaw BD shirts, but what I really, really want is the XS black handknit hoodie or cowichan.
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I'll be there too. Does anyone know if it will be starting this friday and at the same location/time as before?
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ahh..nevermind. I just saw the advertisement for it. Looks like I'll be going during my lunch break again.
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I'm looking for someone to proxy me a few items if there are at the sale, if anyone is interested. I figured that JD_May is too flooded with responses. Let me know.
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Just post what you'd be interested in. I'm going to have my hands full with personal buys, but if I see anything mentioned I might grab it and report back.
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MK2 Jacket (grey) in medium/large. Mackinaw (black) in medium/large. Chambray Jacket or Vest in medium (prfer the black but blue is fine) Tiger fleece in slim large (black or grey) Diamond knit henley in medium Long shots: Varsity jacket in medium (any color) Service boots in 8 to 9 (any color) thanks.
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Pretty much anything in small will probably get a purchase from me. T-shirts, thermals/henleys, field jacket in grey, grey/light coloured flannels.
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Reigning Champ XS or small hoody in charcoal, grey or black - definately

W+H Tiger fleeces in small?

So do we just shoot you a pm with the money now?.
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Sorry if I haven't gotten back to people, I have received a couple hundred PMs since yesterday... I have sent people PMs if I am going to do the pre-pay shopping thing for them and give them first crack. That is of course no guarantee that I'll actually FIND anything that was requested but I will do my best. Aside from that, I have noted down what seems to generally be asked for by people (a lot of S/M, which is usually slim pickings but we'll see).
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