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Thank you very much, Dragonfly.. I'll be sure to stop by his shop when I'm up there. oooh, and clarinetplayer, I just checked out J Press... actually, I added the site to my favorites. Thanks to everyone who helped me with this. Now all I need is a bit of luck when the time comes.   Wow, this was a pretty big topic. Thanks again everyone.
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I recommend that you send for the free J. Press catalog. It has much more than the website. I've ordered many things on line from them with no problems--including a navy pinstripe suit. Their spring/summer catalog just arrived, and there are many wonderful "summer" ties available. There are many "J. Press" type stores in large cities--especially cities that have a well established university. Ann Arbor's (campus of the University of Michigan) Van Boven Men's Store has been in business for 80 years and are always at the vanguard of good taste (albeit, conservative.)
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I just sent off for my free catalogue. I cna't wait to see what it offers. Thanks to everyone that replied to this and helped me to prepare for the campaign.
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Have you ever checked the site, www.paulfredrick.com? It has a huge selection of dress shirts--especially french cuff. The prices are very reasonable. Can't vouch for the quality of the shirt or the service, but the variety of styles and colors is enticing.
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Navy Styles, Don't know what J. Press charges, but Pink is around $125. There are a couple of other stores in NYC that are cheaper. E-mail me if you'd like to swing by them as well. And the best, in my opinion, is Turnbull and Asser or Luigi Borrelli. Both have boutiques in NYC, but are big bucks. I have owned Paul Fredrick. They will work if you're just starting out and are in high school, as you said you were, I think. I would order a slightly longer shirt sleeve length, though. They tend to shrink.
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yes, Thomas Pink is a little generous with his prices. Note- I earlier said I SAW his shops in Scotland (not bought anything, haha) I might give myself a little splurge though. I'm about to check out Paul Fredrick. And yes, I'm in high school but not just starting out haha. I will be discreet when looking around because I want to find clothes that will last in quality and in style. So be looking for an email pretty soon Steve. Thanks everybody.
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that's odd. I don't see my reply. hmm, well... there it is. It appears when I go to reply, but not when I try to view. j, I don't know if you have any idea about what that might be. but, well, sorry to point out problems. That's the only thing I've seen that's been out of whack.  anyway, now I'll go view the Fredrick site and edit my thoughts in here. The tension mounts... very nice. I like it a lot. and you were right about the reasonable prices. Once again-- thanks fellas.
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I dunno.. I've never had that problem. Try hitting refresh I guess. (?) Sorry I can't be of help.
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it must have just been flood control kicking in and taking a little while to put up my post, oh well... all is well. No worries.
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Some great suggestions on here for clothing, although they might be a bit pricey on a high school student's budget. However, I did want to make one suggestion. As a former member of Key Club myself, I attended many district conventions as well as several international Key Club conventions, my suggestion is to make sure that you are comfortable in whatever clothing you choose. One of the fun things about the caucuses is making candidates do things such as jump on a table, sing a song and dance at the same time. No matter which brand of clothing you choose, make sure that all of your outfits fit properly so that you can move in them and that you do not appear to be a stiff, cardboard cutout. When you are trying on your clothing, make sure you don't just "strike a GQ pose" and look at yourself in the mirror - move around, make sure you can walk, lift your arms and just in general be comfortable in what you wear. You're not going to be doing gymnastics, but you do need to be able to move. Remember, a big part of personal style is your confidence. I don't want to sound to much like Tony Robbins, but, be confident in yourself and you look good no matter what you're wearing. Be confident in yourself and you will be able to do whatever they ask of you in caucus, no matter how silly it seems, and they will love you for it and you will win the election. Bradford
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Thanks Bradford, your post brought a smile to my face (remembering all the fun stuff about conventions). haha, I'm really looking forward to it. "strike a GQ pose" I love that phrase. Thanks again for the tips.
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