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Campaign fashions

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Gentleman,     In a little more than a month, I'll be running a campaign at a Club District Convention. The dress is coat and tie, and I'll be wearing a suit for as many days as my wardrobe permits.    During the campaign, I'll be caucusing. Which means I go to the different rooms where each division is and allow them to ask questions or make me do anything within the bounds of good (and legal) humor. I am seeking an endorsement (after which I will move on to the actual election against others from the other districts. Everyone knows that bc of limited time, appearance is 90% of the game. The convention is from Apr 10 to the 12. (something like that)     Soooo,    what should I wear? I have a charcoal grey suit, a navy pinstripe, a khaki (since I'll be in Biloxi, Miss. it ought to be warm and I think not too early for this), along with a tweed blazer. I'd like to hear some impressionable tie/shirt combos. Also if you have an idea for a suit, I'll be checking BR and Kenneth Cole. Thanks everyone.
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First, I would totally avoid the tweed jacket. It really doesn't go for anything remotely official, regardless of how some people wear them. Second, I would put money into shirts before anything else, and if you already have 3 good suits that fit you you shouldn't have to worry about that at all. The same suit can look completely different from one day to the next by changing all the other stuff you're wearing, although I don't recommend wearing the same one every day. What kind of look are you going for, and whom are you trying to impress? This (your audience) is very important, as impressing design students is much different than impressing the Junior Republicans. What exactly is this club? j.
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Just wanted to wish you good luck.
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Michael, Thanks for the well-wishes. J, The club is Key Club (a service organization affiliated with Kiwanis). Yeah the suits fit me. The grey needs some altering, but that's no biggie. Looking forward to replies. Thanks.
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What kind of people are you trying to impress? Style-oriented people or conservative type people? More info please. j.
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Sorry j. I was hoping you were familiar with Key Club. Anyway, the members come from all walks of life. From those that could buy the club to those who can hardly afford to pay the annual dues. As for conservative/ liberal, from my personal observations about my home club, it harbors both. So I guess I'd like to impress both. Everyone loves good fashion, eh? I guess would you just suggest something that impressed you from a Presidential Election. I am a bit conservative, but moderately so. And I'd like to hear opinions on the khaki suit (too early?) Again the dates are from Apr 10 to 12 in Biloxi, Mississippi.
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If I am not mistaken, NS, you are in high school. As such, most high school boys would rip on you for being to "style conscious." The alternative is that most of the girls would like it. However, you must find a happy medium. You should try to give a well-groomed, neat appearance, but don't seem 1) overly stuffy (avoid too many suits) or 2) too trendy. Your best bet (especially being is Mississippi) is to do khakis or light gray flannels and, as J pointed out, invest in some nice button down shirts. You can wear them sans tie during your informal caucuses and with a nice tie during your more formal occassions. You should wear your suits only during speeches/debates. Like I said, remember who your audience is and what their thoughts are. You want them to identify with you.
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Thank you, Lawyer. You pegged me right-- I am indeed in high school. Yes I try to find that nice medium, and so far I'm faring well. Most guys respect it. And my my, the ladies love it. Ain't life great? Oh yeah, I won't go over the top with the clothes (I attended a Catholic school from kindergarten to 8th grade. I know how a lot of those people act, and I never want to relate myself to that characteristic). I hate it when people take themselves too seriously. It really doesn't make any sense. I'll be sure to mind my p's and q's. Again thanks for the advice.
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Look here for some awesome shirt/tie combos to get some ideas. Buy their shirts if you can afford it, they're very nice.
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aaah, yes. I saw a few Thomas Pink stores when I was in Scotland over the summer. Very nice. I can't believe I didn't think about that. Does he have any stores located in the US? Thanks j, he does have some great matches on the site. Some a little bold for me, but for the most part, I like it.
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Have you tried jpress?  (  The ultimate in conservative good taste.
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I think he has a couple in NY but I may be thinking of another house.. I'm not sure. j.
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hmmm, never heard of jpress. I'll go check it out in a bit. Thanks. And if anyone knows for sure about j's guess... does Thomas Pink have a store in NY? That'd be perfect, because I'm visiting my brother up there just prior to the election. Thanks guys, and good night.
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There is a J. Press store in New York City. Also in New Haven CT, CAmbridge MA, and Washington DC. A store like the Brooks Bros of yore.
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Thomas Pink does have a couple of stores in NYC... one is on 53rd and Madison and the other one is on 44th and 6th Ave. Both stores are pretty big.. so you should be able to find a lot of their collections, like shirt, ties, etc.. Hope this helps
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