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Is there anything wrong with this ebay suit?

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Any red flags? I'm pretty inexperienced at this.


Or this one, which is the same seller and maker but has a different-colored label:

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These look legit and new to me Dusty (and priced very well). I'd go for it!
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They sold for $99 and $120.
What would be the retail price? I find that surprising, there were so few bids - only one bid for the $99 one.
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These were tough sells, so I'm not too surprised by the prices. Both are small sizes, so there's less demand than for, say, a 40. And one is glen plaid, which is always hard to move on eBay.

Beyond that, Brooks suits don't have the eBay drawing power of brands such as Brioni, Kiton or even Canali.
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Looks like the jacket was pinned in the back.
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Great deals on those. I hope that you get what is pictured and that it works for you.
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Those suits are pinned.
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I asked the seller questions which he never answered, so I didn't bid. I can't stand that.
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I never bid if a seller won't answer questions promptly. If they're like that when the auction's live, what can you expect after they have your money? I always make sure I ask a seller _something_ before I bid, just to test attitude and responsiveness.
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad
FWIW, it kind of hard to say what they'd go for at retail without knowing which of Brooks' several lines they are from (they have different colored labels, so may be from different lines). They'd be a relative bargain regardless, because Brooks' low-end Brooksease line retails for, I believe, the $300-500 range (although it's fairly easy to get them at Brooks for less than that at frequent sales). Golden Fleece and other higher-end lines retail for substantially more.

Pretty sure these are brooksease. they're almost definitely not golden fleece.
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