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7000 Last

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I measure a 9.5 from heel to toe, D width. I measure a 10 from heel to ball.

I typically wear a 9.5D shoe.

What size would I be in the Lobb 7000 last? 8.5E or 9E?
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I find the 7000 particularly large. Can you explain the top line of your post - I'm not sure I understand your sizing requirements.
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Sure thing, on a standard brannock device you can measure your foot from heel to toe, heel to ball, and the width.

The "absolute" length of my foot is a size 9.5 on the brannock device. This is the heel to toe length.

The slider on the device for arch length, which is the heel to ball measurement of your foot is a 10 for me.

In either a 9.5 or 10 I wear a D width.

I find that a US size 10 has a little too much room for my whole foot, but my ball is in the correct location in the shoe. A 9.5 places the ball a little forward of optimum, but the length is better overall, thus I wear a 9.5D.

Can you give me any guidance as to the JL 7000 last and what might be a good fit for me?
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The JLobb 7000 last is an elongated one. I normally wear a 9.5B or C (although a D will work too) in US sizing. My normal UK size is 9. All of my British shoes are 9 UKs except for a pair of JLobb Westminsters--on the 7000 last--which are 8.5 UKs and are definitely large enough (I might have even been able to get snugly into an 8, although partly because of my narrow foot). In this case, a 9 UK would have been too large. The situation with this last is roughly parallel to that with the C&J 337 last, another elongated one. In a C&J Handgrade on the 337 last, I'd go with an 8.5 UK as well.
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