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Hi there! I'm Jessie, and I have been a jewelry designer for over 12 years. About 8 years ago I started specializing in hemp jewelry. I had been looking around at the designs people were coming up with, and although I was inspired and always appreciative of their artistic talents, I realized that something was missing. With something as versatile and ecologically sound as hemp, it doesn't make sense to only appeal to one genre of style. I have given handmade hemp jewelry a whole new twist with bright colors, tie dyed hemp, rainbow hemp, and black hemp in many different combination of both elegant and stylish knot patterns creating hemp necklaces, hemp chokers, hemp anklets, hemp bracelets and even hemp barefoot sandals in a whole new light. The only personal style that I like to portray in each piece is the need for expression of individuality. I have been inspired throughout the years by the more rebellious genres that have both created social change and great artistically expressive style. I have created hemp jewelry for styles of fashion like gothic, punk, fantasy, rave, retro, and hippie; and often even fused some of these styles together for something new and inventive. I also like to create pieces of jewelry that when worn can express a belief or idea that the person might have. Along with the need to use more renewable resources, I've noticed that many health and earth concious people also share the older and wiser of holistic spiritual practices. I have created lots of gemstone hemp jewelry, some with healing crystals or gemstone beads, along with magnetic properties. [some examples of gemstones I use are magnetic hematite, magnetic rainbow hematite, quartz crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, jade, tigers eye, and much more...] Often as well I have felt like the Wicca, pagan, and fantasy lovers would enjoy some symbolism with the casted pendants that I like to include with some of my pieces. I like to use dark colors with dragon pendants, Celtic knotwork pendants, pentagrams, goddess', fairies, and much more. Some of my favorite medium to work with however, is the blown glass and lampwork glass. I like to combine high quality handmade glass pendants and beads with hemp for a beautiful outcome. Lampwork and blown glass mushrooms, flowers, and other artistic pendants are often combined with spiral and multi-colored lampwork glass beads. In the more traditional aspects of hemp jewelry, I feel as if I have imporved on while still keeping the original feel. In combination with my self hand dyed rainbow and tye dye hemp jewelry, I have also created colorful intricate macrame designs with grateful dead steal your face and dancing bear pendants, cannabis hemp "pot leaf" hemp jewelry, different than usual peace sign hemp jewelry, and more. The main thing I have learned in my years of designing is that the best artistic inspiration comes from the input that people give me. Comments and creative input always help. A lot of the beat designs I have ever come up with have been because of a custom order someone had for me that included a new color scheme I hadn't thought of, or made it necessarry for me to create a new knot style. Custom orders are super encouraged, and my absolute favorite! Check out my currently available handmade hemp jewelry creations at my Etsy shop or Contact me via e-mail, for any custom orders you would like.