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pkincy Thank you very much. IN PUBLIC Every one wear's a costume just usually it has nothing to do with clothes you wear.
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At least you've developed a style for yourself that is different than 90% of the people in your (our) age range who wear the A&F or American Jackass look. Bravo. You've got guts to pull that off. A photo can only speak so much, and if you couple your look with your personality I'm sure its different in real life. You seem to have caught a lot of criticism here because the look you wear is not expected on a 19 year old, but F it, wear whatever you like. That's the beauty of style.

Maybe focus a bit on the previous tips as far as suit cut/style, collar style, hat size, and tie/square combo.

I'd like to see another picture of one of your other outfits on a different day.

Do you wear single breasted suits, or just double breasted mostly?
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WOW...give the kid some slack

If you want to give him pointers on fit, thats one thing....but blasting a teenager on his personal style I dont think is right.

I applaud him for trying something about a little encourgement...
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While there are somethins he can improve on, i give him credit for being an individual and dressin glike he does. Another ne wmember to the forum is a good thing.
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good luck to you - when I was 19 I had a horrible personal style. I think that yours has room to evolve, but you are on the right track.
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Sorry if my original response sounded harsh. I'm only a few years older than you so I'll explain my reasoning. As soon as I saw the picture, I thought the look was inspired by the Irv Gotti look...which was inspired by the Al Capone look. The fedora + double-breasted look screams "gangster" or "pimp." Now, you may have come up with the look yourself, but to the observer, it seems inspired by rap music and gangster movies. Hence the comments of it being "affected." See this article.

Other members have suggested tips on improving the fit. While I agree with the suggestions, IMO, the problem lies with the fedora + DB suit look on you. For someone your age, there's no getting away from the pimp/gangster association with this kind of may say that's the fault of the observer and not you.

On a more general level, I would suggest that you rethink the idea of wearing suits everywhere. Especially for teenagers, it just looks out of place. Every situation has a dress code, whether announced or not. Suits & ties are not within the dress code for attending classes in high school. Take some time to read through the forum, and you'll probably see that most members here wear suits IF it's part of their office dress code. Many members here would like to wear suits more often, but keep in limited to certain occasions because they were in a strictly business casual environment. Obvious disregard for dress code is not a good thing. You wouldn't wear shorts & t-shirt to an interview would you?
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When I first saw your picture, I thought you were dressed as a character from Guys and Dolls. I don't intend to offend you, but the fit of the costume is very outdated on you, and screams "I'm a gangster, see." That hat is also quite an anachronism. If you personality and stature fit with that look, then it might balance out. Have you tried wearing more modern clothing? Perhaps a single-breasted 2-button suit? H&M makes great looking suits for young guys. I am fairly young myself, being a frosh at Princeton. However, I have a great deal of experience wearing suits, having participated in Model UN from a young age. You have to learn how to own that suit and accessorize it. The tie needs to be expressive, as it contrasts the plain nature of a suit. Your tie is red, a classic color that should go with a classic suit just to look normal, but it looks strange in your photo. For one, your pocket square is too close to the color of your tie. Another problem that I noticed is that your sleeves are a tad too long. They should come out of your shirt only a little bit, I suppose around 1/2 an inch. I agree with the people who say you should alter it a little bit and get it taken in on the sides. It needs more shape, the boxiness contributes to the "gangster" look of it.
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I think we have established that the suit needs to be taken in and so it "wont be gangsta" and the tie was the wrong choice. pesonally I don't like h&M the lack the fit, structue, not fused and no canvas. I think most modern suits look boring and lack idenity. double breasted suits are my far more intresting and look great on thin people, I also like 2 button but I mostly wear DB. Today I mediated for what you said, mid grey slacks a light shirt short sleaved, a black v neck vest and that fedora. I know a fedora is a classic piece and it is timless so my style will evolve but the fedora has and always will survived natural selection of fashion. As for the suits I'm more open to.
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As a fellow 19 year old, I say do what you want for everyday clothing. Just consider the practicality of it, however. I agree with all the comments made so far on the look of the suit and fedora.
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I think all the good points have been made. Dressed2Kill, keep on keepin on...everyone experiences a learning curve when it comes to "dressing right" so you're already ahead of the game and you'll have it down in no time. I do agree with expanding your wardrobe choices outside of suit/tie that still has the same maturity/sartorial awareness level without the formality of a suit for those casual occasions when you want to be more in tune with your surroundings. You might want to get into sport jackets and odd trousers, paired with a turtle neck (in winter) or a buttondown shirt. It's a good way to still look seriously serious with a tad less formality than a full suit. At your age I was really into wearing the "irish flat-cap" every day so I can feel you on the hat issue, but please do get one that fits more appropriately for your head size/shape. Sometimes we can't wear the things that we think we want to wear.
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Who made the suit for you?
tell us about it in some detail
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Interesting style and thoughts from You, dressed2kill. You have decided that suit and fedorah are Your style. Keep Your style, and I give You my respect.
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I like it. Takes balls to be different. Good recommendations on fit tweaks. I say keep doing it. Wear what you like. Individual style takes years to settle into. What starts as a dork ends up eccentric and soon becomes style. Like Tom Browne. I'd love to see where you are at 35.
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Black shoes with blue suit? " what are you, a cop? "
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