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Just missed these Lattanzi's..................

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Well, I am having some regret now about lowering my snipe on these shoes on ebay. When I found them, I put in a 101 euro bid, just so that the seller would see that there was interest and so that he wouldn't be tempted to pull a side deal with someone. Then I set up a 226 euro snipe and sent about my business. My 101 euro bid held for most of the auction and it was not getting a lot of views so I thought I stood a good chance, although I knew that there would be at least one other snipe. 4-5 days into the auction, I emailed the seller and asked if he shipped to the US. He responded no, but I have a friend in Germany who could serve as an intermediary so I was not too worried. Then I started thinking, well 226 euro plus the extra shipping would bring the shoes to $325-350, which is alot for used shoes (they were in very good condition though, soles looked like they were worn two or three times). Also, given the twice annual Polo and EG sales, where I can get brand new EG's for $500 or so, I lowered my snipe to 151 euro. I have another pair of similar loafers from Mantellassi so I did not think I would be missing much. Now that I lost (final bid 156 euro, by a sniper so he probably had a higher bid), I am having regrets that I cheaped out on a pair by the legendary Lattanzi. Was I rational?

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No, you weren't rational. I would never buy used shoes, but would make an excption for ones clearly only tried on a couple of times. $350 for a pair of Lattanzis is a great deal. There's always next time though.
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I would have passed and never bidded in the first place.
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i think you made a fairly rational decision, and i wouldn't worry about it. at that price, i'd want something new.

amazing shoes show up on ebay all the time, i'm sure you'll find another gem...especially as you seem to have a knack at finding them .
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Ed, those are pretty ordinary-looking shoes--a style you can find from just about anybody. Why not reserve your Lattanzi purchase for something that is not only superbly made and of great cachet, but also distinctive stylistically?
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You made the right decision. That's an awful lot of money for used shoes.
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Not that the used part matters much if they weren't heavily used, but look at the design. They look like regular old loafers to me. Stick with AE for those and get a more distinctive Lattanzi.
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