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If you can get to Uniqlo, I think the best budget chinos are their Vintage Chinos. Slimmer than the J Crew officers and they now have a thicker winter version (similar material to the J Crew officers). Not as much color choice, though.
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Re Mauro: Unless you want it to stay heavy through washings. I notice even my heavier khaki loses a little weight through laundering over the years.
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Uniqlo has wanky super low rises. J Crew way better.
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That goes for ANY garment. The fact is that industry standard for a chino doesn;t really go over 10oz.
There are acceptions but for the most part 6 to 10.5 oz is standard. Now to what kind of yarn and how is it treated also plays a factor in the wash and wear of a garment.
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Anybody a fan of bonobos khakis? I have 1 pair and like them but they're not my absolutely favorite. They feel really thin to me and cheaper than what I paid. I may have just gotten the wrong style.

I've tried Bills and they make me feel like I'm 60. I haven't tried the M3 but need to. I'm going to stick with J.Crew's at the moment. They're affordable and I don't have to pay to have them tailored.

I want to get some save khakis but don't know where to get them. Anyone know a place I can order them? Also are they worth the price?
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Hows the fit on the mountain khakis? Look baggy as hell from their website.
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If there are any "best" I haven't found them.

Bill's are way big, even their flat front trimmer cut. I feel like I swim in them.
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Originally Posted by Lance View Post
Where do you buy your Masons?

Barney's has them marked down 40% right now...
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I have two pairs of save khaki I like em. But they are really thin an kinda stretch out a bit. They are super soft but don't think they will do much when winter hits I'm going to be freezing my ass off I think. They are pretty slim and have the right details. Maybe not worth the 110 I spent on them though
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Buzz Rickson
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Originally Posted by iDoc View Post
Barney's has them marked down 40% right now...

Thanks iDoc, I'll call tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by farfisa23 View Post
The ones from J Crew end up falling apart

I've had several pairs of J Crew's chinos for several years, all worn extensively, none has even formed a hole let alone fallen apart.
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J.Crew khakis suck. The classic fit cut is atrocious, it's got this ice-cream cone thing going on. Too small around the ankle, them balloons up at the thighs into a high-waisted mess. The relaxed fit just looks ridiculously baggy. How about that giant fit?!

Examples of poor looking khakis here:
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After a lot of different attempts, I've had success with RRL Officer Chinos, Unis, Incotex, and Hickey (not Freeman). Good construction and materials on each.

As others have mentioned, RRL is a wonderful pair of pants. Unis has a uniformly slim straight cut that is very versatile, although their cuts have changed recently to be more tapered. Incotex also makes a great flat front pant that is reasonably slim without being crushing, but for me, it straddles the line between totally casual and something a little more polished, so it doesn't get as much wear.
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Since summer is around the corner...

I saw a request earlier about the Bill's Khakis M3. Anyone have any experience with these? They're decently priced over at Sierra, thinking about picking up a pair.

I did pick up a pair of "Originals" from The Gap over the weekend. The fit is alright (not great), but for the $29ish I paid for them (40% off sale), I'm pleased.

Dockers has the K-1 back up on their site: button fly, hook closure. I'm tempted, but not sure they're worth $82 (after tax + shipping).
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