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Weekend Attire...

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I'm good (and comfortable) at selecting my work clothes for the week - I do however don't have the same level of confidence in picking my weekend, casual clothes. I feel secure in a colared dress shirt and dress pants.

I don't have the pysique to pull off the jeans/t shirt look and thus, feel like I always need an extra layer (vest, cardigan etc.)

Anyways, I guess what I'm asking is how do you dress for the weekends...?
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Jeans, rugby/polo shirt, or switch with tucked in OCBD and add cardigan/sweater if cold. That way I can toss the football I carry around in my trunk if friends are interested.
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Comfort is more than fit; wear what feels right -- physically and mentally.
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Sounds like patterned sportshirts would help. Often, people who seek services are more interested in off-work style than dressing for work, because the former is harder to do well.
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