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Help me pick out some new jeans

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I need some new jeans. I plan on buying two pairs of jeans from the denim bar sale. However, I don't know a lot about denim, and I figured it'd be best to get some input here before I call Mauro and place an order.

Here's my measurements:
6'2", 175 lbs, average build.
33 waist / 32 inseam

I don't have alot of jeans currently. I have a couple of old levi's and two new paper denim & cloth jeans. The Paper Denim & Cloth jeans are: LTD Low 5 Wide in 2-year wash, and ICN Slash Pocket in 1-year wash. Both are a 33" waist with a bootcut and fit me well.

Here's what I'd like in the new pair of jeans:
-one (maybe two) of my new jeans to not be bootcut.
-a pair of dark indigo jeans. I've seen the colors of the APC jeans on their website and they look fantastic.
-possibly a pair of grey or black jeans. Most of my jeans are light, so another darker jean would be good.
-one of the jeans to be raw selvedge denim

I'm currently considering getting some Rag+Bone and APC jeans. I'm not sure what style would be best or if I should go with another brand. I also don't know what differentiates the APC models that the Denim Bar has in stock: rescue, hipster, and cure. If someone could explain the differences between them, that'd be great (i searched but couldn't find anything).

Thanks alot.
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you're right. my contribution: rescue is a straight leg, a regular fit. hipster is a womens cut, with a lower rise and slim fit. men can wear it too. cure is slimmer, tappered, the selvage is cut off.
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At 6' 2", I have no idea how you would fit into the Rag & Bone. Maybe you wear your jeans low, but that seems much too tall for a 32" inseam.

My first pair of dry jeans was the Sven, and I think it's a great cut to start with. Flattering fit, yet fairly democratic. It will look good without drawing too much attention for being outside the 'norms' as far as fit goes.
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the APC straight (or rescue as it was previously named) sounds like a good starter too. dry, with that lovely colour you mentioned, and regular fit.
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can i hear a sugar cane sc41947A? (or an eternal 811?)
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eternals (drool)
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