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Quality of Hugo Boss? Other alternatives?

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Hey guys,
I just got a job that requires dress up which is something I haven't done before. So I got these shoes
However they are too big, I guess I'm gonna exchange for smaller size. My question is what do you guys think of those Hugo Boss quality and is there better shoes out there at that price range?
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Without the Hugo Boss name, these shoes would probably only command $125 to $175, maybe less. Assuming we're talking about spending the full retail price, I would return them and get something by an actual shoemaker, regardless of whether it is an American, British, Italian or other Continental manufacturer.
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I can't really comment on Hugo Boss quality, but Alden or Allen Edmonds are superior. They are the best of the sub-300 range. If you want to look around eBay you can find them for about $150 or alternatively find $500 shoes for $300.

Personally, I don't like those shoes; I can't put my finger on why. They seem bulky though on inspection they aren't particularily so. It must be the antiquing that makes it appear so. I think the antiquing also makes them look rather casual, but them have more of a shine in person.

Here are some Allen Edmonds that I like:
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Yea. I guess I would have to do more research on the shoemaker. I actually like the antique of the shoes, that was one of the reason I bought em. Could anyone point me to other shoes similar to the ones in this pic:

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looks like a 3 eyelet plaintoe with a slight squared/chisel toe. Maybe the C&J aintree (a handgrade model, about 500-600)? There is also a benchgrade model thats somewhat similar.

It might be a chukka boot - take a look at the C&J Sandown.

Other, cheaper options:

Alfred Sargent Scotney (Premier collection)
Alfred Sargent Scott (Knightsbridge collection)
Grenson Ashington

I'm sure there are more options....
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You could have done worse, it's not an ugly shoe. I don't like the toe though, it's far too severe. I would pay 50 bucks for that, max.

For that price at retail, I would get Allen-Edmonds. It's a boring but quality brand. But you know what? You're going to wear those AE's 5 years later.
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Actually, some of Hugo Boss' Italian made shoes are very nice if the style and price are right. They are made by various Italian shoemakers for Hugo Boss and are not a bad choice IMO. In the same price range I'd check out Allen Edmonds, which is pretty much the best made American shoe for under $300 and goodyear welted and will probably last longer than the Hugo Boss shoes.

I really don't like the toe on this shoe.
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Go to local shoe store that sells ferragamos, Zegna, Allen Edmonds, Polo etc.. try them. Learn your sizes.

Then check out eBay. Polo (C&J made) and AE run around ~$150, so by adding few more bucks, you can get 2 pairs of good quality shoes.
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