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How to spot a fake FERRAGAMO tie - Page 2

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Looks legit
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oh i forgot to mention it doesn't have slanted, sewn in label on the narrow end I've seen on all ferragamo ties so far.

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Legit. Not sure what label you're referring to on the narrow blade. None of my Ferragamos have one. You mean the care/materials tag?
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Originally Posted by wojt View Post

I meant salvatore tag like one seen here

That's odd. Although that tie looks pretty old, it may just be a vintage tie before they started that print pattern. Not sure when they started to do the slanted name.
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Sorry for the necro, but I am also in the process of purchasing Ferragamo ties. 


One aspect that I see the greatest variation of is in the fond of the "Salvatore Ferragamo" on tie holder. I assume ones with clear and and thin fond are the real ones, because that's what I see in Ferragamo stores, and ones with chalk-like fond are fake. Or is that just a matter of year produced?


Here's an example with clear label of letters.


And here's one with "chalk-like" fond. The letters here also seem much fatter.

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^^^ on the second tie look at the printed sig on the skinny end - it doesn't even say salvatore. it says "sabatore fovagamo" lol. plainly fake.

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I don't know where you got that from. But it's "l" and "v" that look like a "b" on Salvatore. But "Ferragamo" does look a bit funky

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Here's another one with "chalky" looking letters:


But everything else seems legit....

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Here's one tip I've heard regarding both Hermes and Ferragamo: The silk texture/stripes should run vertical, not horizontal. I don't know the technical term for it, but if you zoom in on either ties (at least the legit ones), you should see that the silk goes in vertical stripes. (or at least somewhat vertical/a bit slanted) 

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