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I have these in snuff suede and they are just about my favorite pair of casual shoes. Comfort factor is off the charts.

I've been thinking about picking up a pair in dark brown as the ultimate travel shoe. Curious about people's opinions of how far up the formality scale I can push this shoe. I don't need to wear suits or anything; usually trousers and button-up shirt, occasionally with a sportcoat (iGent standard issue navy hopsack 3-patch).

I ran across this shoe from BB:,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00496_Color=DKBR&contentpos=3&cgid=

It has to be an Alden unlined chukka but with a few slightly dressed-up features: darkened outsole paint, looks like they deep-sixed the "storm" welt (is that actually what they call the flex welt?) in favor of something a little more traditional. It looks about as sleek and dressed up as an unlined suede chukka is going to get. ANyone have experience with this BB shoe? Comments on the appropriateness of a dark brown suede chukka with odd trousers in wool?

Seems like about as close as I'm going to get to a comfortable shoe for traveling light on business/casual trips to span the gamut from odd trousers to khakis to jeans all in one.