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Is a legitimate website?

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Like many people here I recently ordered off of using the coupon that grants you 15% off. Not only has it been 4 days and they haven't charged my credit card, but 2 days ago I saw a charge from "INTERNATIONAL RAILROAD" on my credit card statement and I have no idea what that is.

Did anyone else have problems with ordering from this site?

Ugh, now I have to go cancel my credit card.

PS All of the fans on the facebook page have eastern european names while the company claims to be based in Brooklyn. What the hell?
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Have you tried calling their phone number? There are probably alot of foreigners on the page because the shoes are fairly cheap compared to other stores, and thus they're popular for those looking to import them into their country. The grammar on the website seems fine, they have a working verisign logo, I don't know! They're apart of amazon too, so I imagine they've been verified..
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Well, they do have an Amazon sales page so I doubt they are total scam artists. I did find a review that said they were a bit slow. I would not worry that much, try and figure out what "International Railroad" is before you get your panties too bunched up.
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I have bought from them and their service was great. Prices were great and my shoes were perfectly legit.
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Yep, i bought some Red Wing GTs at a great price. They drop shipped straight from Red Wing actually and I had great customer service when I emailed them with questions.
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Oh, and International Railroad is how they billed my card too. No idea where that name comes from but it's legit...don't cancel the card. I'm guess the amount matches up.
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They use International Railroad. It's a 3rd party billing company or something. When you want a refund, they submit it to the 3rd party billing company which then may sit on it for a week or more, since as a 3rd party they really don't give a shit about customer service.

I had ordered a 1000 Mile boot (I think) from them for a wicked price which Wolverine would then not subsequently honor. Took 3-4 weeks to get a refund.
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Yep, the company (a small office based in Brooklyn) survives thanks to 'dropshipping'. I don't think they have a single pair of shoes in-house. I ordered a pair of Red Wing ($50 cheaper than any local NYC store) and crossed my fingers. Called and emailed multiple times after three days (not having received any sort of shipment notification or receipt). They don't have any idea where your shoes are and they just tell you to call back the next day. Ten days later, I got a package from Red Wing. I was all set. So... if you're lucky, the brand honors the order and ships you the shoes directly. If not, I believe you'll be stuck in some customer service nightmare.
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Phew, I thought someone got hold of my credit card. Good thing I didn't cancel it yet. Thank you for all your responses.
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Prices are awesome. Almost too good to be true. Was just thinking of ordering. Would love some more feedback. Seems like RW is A-OK. Their Wolverine offerings don't work? Would love someone else to confirm or deny. Basically all feedback appreciated.
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The only wolverine offering that didnt work was the 1000 mile boot ,which has been removed from the website. Wolverine didn't want the boot being offered at the discounted price.
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code for 15% off?
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Originally Posted by kidkorea View Post
code for 15% off?

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I'd avoid using this company if I were you. I ordered a boot and needed to exchange for a different size and it took weeks and several unprofessional emails from them that finally resulted in me requesting a refund.

Also items often disappear/reappear and erratically change price on their website.

I certainly won't be ordering from them again.
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I ordered a pair of Red Wing GTs via this site and received them w/in a week. I had some questions re: my order, and customer service was spotty. Some folks were extremely helpful, and some were not. If I had to do it over, I'd pay a bit more and order via Zappos or Amazon.
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