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How tight is "too tight"? Help with sizing....

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Greetings. 24 year old black guy here. I'm 5'9" 185 pounds, in good shape (I lift weights).

I'm new to designer jeans. Up until now I've been wearing Marshalls/Ross jeans. Express, Claiborne discounted factory defect stuff. And also I've worn Old Navy.

I've not paid much attention to fit up until now, I do know that at some point 2 years ago i started veering away from the hip-hop baggy look, but still my jeans if I wear without a belt, they kind of drop. 36 is my natural size, it's what I wear for dress pants, but I've found myself getting 38s in the Old Navy bootcuts for example, only because I didn't want what I thought were very tight jeans.

Anyway, I recently gave in and bought some low-rise Antik bootcuts. It was different. First of all, it *feels* good. I feel as if I'm wearing uh, nothing. You can tell the quality difference. However, the fit defintiely took getting a little used to. I have a sizeable uh, derrier, too, and powerful thighs, it actually looks a little flattering now that I think about. It's starting to grow on me.

Anyway, I want to buy a pair of Rock & Republics, but I don't know if to go in for a 36 or a 38. How do RRs run versus Antiks? Are jeans SUPPOSED to be tight, or are they supposed to be loose that they must be worn with a belt? Should I be able to put both hands comfortably in the pockets?

I'm new to this designer jeans thing. I don't want to spend the extra if the look/fit is wrong.


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I think you'll get different answers depending on the respondent's style..

I think jeans should fit at the waist without needing a belt to stay up. The cut of the jean will then determine if you like a tighter fitted look or a slouchy looser look, but each should fit good at the waist. Snug but not constricting. If you can't get a small set of keys in the pocket then it's too tight for my taste.

The look/fit is what *you* want it to be so there really is no *wrong* per se, just depends what look yer going for. I dont have any experience with Antik or RR so can't help you there, but the Nudie regular ralf might be a good cut for you as it has a more relaxed leg cut and a slight bootcut.
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I'm not familiar with the fits and cuts of those brands either, but from the description of your body, I agree you'd be best served by a relaxed bootcut. It will be in balance with your shape. That's probably why the bootcut Antiks looks so good to you. In general, most men wear baggy or relaxed jeans and confuse slim with tight. Slim is great; painted-on tight is not, IMO.
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Welcome. Did you get whiplash shifting from Old Navy to Antik? Second the RRDS recommendation. Advise you to wear what is comfortable so that you can maintain your strut.
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To answer your question - both RR and Antik are meant to be close-fitting and flattering, as you notice. As you noted, the size of your thighs and ass will greatly change how jeans fit you - what might be loose on one guy (i.e. me, no ass, no thighs), would be tight on you. A solid way to tell for me is that I just pinch the inseam, then fold it back over the top of my leg (showing me how much extra room there is in the thigh). I like to see about 1.5" of extra room.
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Black man - 25 years old - 185 - 5'11.. decent-sized arse, thick thighs..

Recommendations - RB6 - Rag and Bone
Nudie - Regular Ralf
Energie - Relaxed Bootcut - my first pair of designer jeans, extremely comfy
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I forgot to mention I'm 3/16 black, so adjust accordingly. Oh, and 28ish, 6'0", 155 lbs.
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