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EBay selling, what's best time to list and end?

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I am new to eBay selling.

1. So what's the best day and best time of the day to list an item?

2. What's the best day to end an item?

3. How long should I list, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days?
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i like sunday-sunday auctions that end 6:30PST. Ends at a decent time for all time zones, and a lot of people are at home on a sunday night taking it easy.
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I've had good results listing auctions that ended Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in the late afternoons.
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my exp. is to start on saturday or sunday, run a five day auction ending around 3:00-4:00 pm EST. That way you get the west coast, east coast and europe. You'll miss Asia, but they are pretty good with the snipes.
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Most of my auctions are five days and always end on Sunday. I'll occasionally run seven days for more unusual stuff, but ending on Sunday is generally the best way to go. 9-10 EST is roughly the best time, I find.
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I usually list mine on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. I avoid Sundays and Mondays because I figure many people are like me, in that they go shopping on the weekends and end up feeling that they've spent enough money. Plus, I figure Wednesday and Thursday are fairly slow nights for most folks. Ideally, I like the auctions to end about 9:30 or 10 EST -- early enough for East Coasters to be up, while still giving folks in the West time to get home from work.
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I try to run mine for a week and end them around the time Versaceman notes. My reasoning is that what was primetime for TV is now prime ebaytime on the net.
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I'm quite fond of starting on a Thursday evening and running for 10 days. That way, you get two weekends and finish on a Sunday.
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Longer auctions for premium goods. It gives buyers a chance to find them and bid up the price.
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I always run it for 7 days (it's cheaper) and early afternoon. My conception is that people are more likely to bid at work with a speedy internet connection than at home. I almost never bid from home. Not sure if that is correct.

I have had a lot of success on ebay though. I buy jeans for $50, try them and dont like them, decide to put them back on ebay with new pics and they fetch $180.
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I generally sell whenever there's a 10 cent listing special, and use the fixed price option with a 7 day span. But then, I'm not selling that much, and I'm not trying to sell everything - just thin out my lesser used possessions....
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