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Quality of Mantoni suits?

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Hello all. I'm looking to get a new suit preferably under $300. I really only wear suits a few times a year to events like weddings and funerals. As far as budget suits go, what do you all think about the quality of Mantoni suits? Any other names you would suggest? Thanks.
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No idea who the heck Mantoni is, and I'm guessing its pretty crappy. For a fe bucks more you can score a very decent canvassed Canali or Corneliani suit from the Marketplace of Men's clothing. I've seen (and sold) great suits for around the $400 mark. Mid $300's if you're lucky.
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I have a Mantoni. Half canvassed, very nice cloth. Navy pinstripe, 2 button, dual vent. Very discreet pick stitching on the lapels. Even the rear vents are pick stitched. When I took it to my dad's bespoke tailor for alterations, he said for the price I paid for the suit, he couldn't even get the cloth alone for that price. Cut was a bit large, but otherwise a very nice suit. YMMV Bought it 2 years ago and it's now for sale for $95. 44-46L.
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Right now Brooks Brothers has 2 suiting essentials suits for 800.00. This doesnt sound like the worlds best deal but.......

you could get solid navy and solid charcoal (hard to find on sale)
free alterations (figure 50.00 per suit you may have to spend somewhere else)

Plus if anything goes wrong Brooks will take care of you.
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Curious as to what you ultimately decided.. did you try the Mantoni? What was your experience with that?

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For anyone else who might come along onto this thread, I'll post for posterity...

Vacillated about getting one of these for the longest time. Found the brand in a shop locally and tried it on, liked it, etc. (I'm pretty small, so it was comparatively a great fit after all the boxier off-the-racks I'd found.. even 36S wasn't fitting in most brands). Didn't end up buying it, but found the same exact suit online for 1/5 of the store price. Figured I might as well try it, and it's been great. Obviously isn't a pedigreed maker or anything, but the claim is that its super 120s or 140s (I think they make higher, too), the fit is superb for my frame, and for the price (I got mine $200 after shipping) I couldn't think of a better first suit. So for whoever is out there and, like me, is wondering if it's worth the risk.. I say go for it if the price is sufficiently low enough, but make sure you've tried on a Mantoni before you order it online.. the fit is much different than even the most eurocut Boss stuff, etc.

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