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My best deal ever

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I have to tell some people who would appreciate this, as the people I work with think it is not anything special. Yesterday, I found and purchased a cashmere Canali exclusive collection sport jacket that was originally tagged for $1995 for $21.94. I am still giddy over it. It was 70% off the lowest marked price which was $69. Best of all, it looks and fits great. I guess sometimes even a blind squirral finds a nut. -Andy P.S. Thanks for the custom shirt advice.
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HRHAndrew, I am one of those who appreciate this result. It's the only thing about shopping I like -- finding those nuts. But, I usually don't shop for myself; I shop for clothes to "flip" them to others on eBay for a profit. You could have done that here and probably come out quite nicely. I easily double and sometimes triple my money this way. Why speculate in stocks, when you can be certain to double your money every 7 days with high-end men's wear on eBay? Ebay is the best way to help people find what they are looking for and profit handsomely at the same time. Ebay is truly a life changing phenomenon for many people -- on the buy side and on the sell side.
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I agree Vero... I have bought and sold a decent amount of clothing on Ebay. It is pretty fun to cruise thru the listings and see what's out there, what people are bidding on. I am often stunned at what does get purchased- and the prices they go for. Unfortunately, I've never found a deal like Andrew has- that is pretty amazing. I was at a Nordstrom rack yesterday though and saw a terrific cashmere sportcoat, (Hickey I believe) originally $800, that I could have bought for $89. Was too small for me though, even with alterations. Can't believe I forgot about the Ebay potential..
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Wow, according to my calculation that's a discount from retail of only 98.9% -- I guess you can round up to 99%. Wouldn't we love to be able to buy new cars, houses, watches, or other world class items at 99% off. I was recently thinking about starting a thread on great deals. Certainly E-bay has made it easier to justify purchases, because you can always sell something if it isn't your size; in the past, I had to try to find a friend or relative for the great deals I found that were not my size. Now, I can buy a great deal, then find a clothes lover on ebay. Some of my great deals: Kiton cashmere jackets ($3200) for $249 (not my size...sigh. Hello e-bay. Bought 4.) Alden cordovan shoes $10 Alden cordovan shoes $75 (not my size, but a friend's) Alden oxfords $20 Oxxford cashmere jackets ($2500) for $249 [bought 5, 2 for me, 3 for others] Oxxford chalk stripe suit $175 St. Andrews, "Huntsman" (Chester Barrie) and Belvest suits $170 each Isaia cashmere jacket $225 Polo purple label cashmere jacket $149 Brooks Brothers handsewn cashmere jacket $99 Polo purple label cashmere cardigan $49 [Okay, so I like cashmere.] Hickey Freeman sportcoats $99 Oxxford sportcoats $80 and $110 Chester Barrie sportcoat $39 Bergdorf $2250 cashmere jacket (handsewn) $120 Oxxford flannel slacks $60 (bought 4) Isn't it great to get a fantastic piece of clothing for 90% (never mind 99%) or more off the retail price.
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shoefan, are those results from Ebay or store shopping? Whichever way, those are amazingly good deals. I am a cashmere lover as well, always looking for a place to find good prices. Unfortunately, the closest discount 'store' to me is Nordstrom Rack, and they don't have very much. I will be visiting the Off Saks about 2 hours away this weekend, hoping to find a good deal or 2.
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bigbadbuff, don't knock Nordstrom Rack too much -- their Plano, Texas store is where I stumbled upon the Barba shirt I discussed in another thread. You just have to dig deeper there than at NMLC or Off 5th. While my wife loves Nordstrom, it leaves me limp because most of the men's clothes -- even Faconnable -- are made in SE Asia, most likely in the sweatshops with some child labor in there. I try to avoid SE Asian and South American made clothes because I don't want to support the sweatshops and most of the clothes are crappily made anyway. But, plenty of Euro and American made stuff can be found at NMLC and Off 5th.
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I haven't sold much on eBay since I finally got around to selling my vast baseball card collection. It was very hard to sell, as it took me years to find the rookie card (post 1940) of every hall of famer, and at least one card of every player in the hall of fame. I admit that I thought about eBay, but the jacket I bought, was the only one in the store at that price. The next best deal was a corneliani silk/cashmere blend for $125 I didn't think I could make any cash on that. I do know what you mean on the thrill of finding a bargain, and passing it along. Too bad there is not a way for us to share our deals with each other. I was reading about Nordstrom's Rack in another post, and their is an georgous Oxxford Sportscoat that they have been selling for around $300. It is a 44R and too small for me, but too expensive to make a profit on eBay I think. -Andy
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I've noticed that for a brand considered a top tier label, Oxxford tends to sell at really low prices on Ebay, somewhere along the lines of Corneliani/Canali prices. Funny story on that note; I was screwing around on Ebay before leaving for a weekend trip, and I saw a like-new Oxxford sportcoat in my size with no visible flaws (not really my preferred cut and style though) that only had a day and a half to go, and was still unbid on at the entry-level price of $0.99 (no reserve). So as a joke I put in a bid of $1.50 on the thing, expecting to have about 20 people outbid me in the last minute and drive it up to ~$100. So I get back from my trip, see an e-mail from Ebay saying I didn't win the item, and then I look at the auction and the guy who won had just sniped in the last 30 seconds and got the thing for $1.99. As for me, Ebay and Last Call in Austin 3 hours away are generally my best places for getting deals. Sadly, the only outlet store in my area (Houston) is a horrible Off 5th that has less canvas-front suits/jackets than the Marshall's a few blocks from my house (which had a pair of Hickey-Freeman's).
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shoefan, are those results from Ebay or store shopping?
In general, from store shopping.  I have seen a few good deals on items from e-bay, but obviously the audience of customers watching items on ebay is alot larger than knowledgable customers walking into a particluar retail location.  In my experience, the good thing about retail locations is that most customers walking into a Nordstrom Rack or Off Fifth are looking for inexpensive items, and therefore aren't interested in, say, an Oxxford suit for $599, so these often languish and then get further marked down.  Furthermore, many of the customers of these establishments probably don't know Isaia, Kiton, Saint Andrews, or even Oxxford from Boss, Armani, etc, so you can often find great deals on the really good stuff. In general, I find Off Fifth to be the best spot for bargains, although this is highly dependent on location; some of their stores seem to get alot more high-end goods than others.  Nordstrom Rack has, in my experience, declined in quality over the years, as they no longer seem to sell much or any Oxxford or other top level brands.  Seems like most of their goods are bought specifically for the Rack rather than being from the mainline stores.  Nieman Marcus Last Call has some incredible stuff, but the prices are typically not that great, unless you find things with additional markdowns.  Also, their small number of locations makes it difficult for me to get to them with any frequency, given where I live.  I hold out hopes that Brooks Brothers, with its new ownership, will return to some approximation of its former glory -- right now, the BB Factory stores are virtually worthless. Filenes Basement occasionally gets good stuff at certain stores; they have Oxxford suits that it appears they get from Oxxford (cancelled orders?); these have gone up to $899 (I think), but there are occasional sales and special promotions which can knock these down to as little as $399. IMO, the Barney's factory stores are also basically worthless, except they have some decent ties. Obviously, I spend waaaay too much time shopping.
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hrhandrew, was this at the dearborn off fifth or the great lakes crossing off fifth?
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It was the Dearborn store. Before I headed back to The West Side of the state, I stopped in Great Lakes to see if there was anything similiar. They had the a couple of the jackets I bought, but were selling for $249. BTW, they indicated that all Off 5ths are going to be having an additional 15% off on all purchases that total over $150 on the 23rd (August)
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