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Sierra Trading Post Corneliani

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What do people think of this suit for my first law school interview suit?

It is more expensive than I want to spend, at around $800, but I like the looks of it. Is that an outrageous price? Could I find it, or something similar, for less elsewhere?

Also, is a size 48 European (38/32) actually a size 38 US?

I've never purchased a suit online before and have not tried on corneliani suits. I'm looking for a three button, charcoal, side vented suit. I do not want a sack suit. I am not thrilled about the double pleating on the pants, but could live with it.

FYI, I'm 5 8, 145 lbs.


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very very nice. price wise im no expert, but both Corneliani and STP do get a lot of love around these parts. I think there are some discount codes kicking around for STP that should save you a little, and use the forum link to the site to contribute to the boards.
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I like it a lot.

It's a fair price, but intense shopping could probably save you a hundred or two hundred. Filene's sometimes has Corneliani at, IIRC, $599, though the selection is not great.
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If you follow the link at the top (support the forum...) you'll get 10% off. There's a code now for 15% off if you pay with AmEx, I think.

A 48 is indeed a 38. But I think you might want to get a 38S rather than a 38R. I think the regular will be too long.

You can possibly find a better deal, but that's a good price for a basic suit, and STP has a no hassle return policy.
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If you like it get it. You could find it for less but thats going to require a lot of looking. At that price your certainly not getting ripped off.

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I am 5'10", I wear 42S US. I can swing 42R, but 42S gives more finess, IMO. I find Corneliani suit to be well made suit. Paddings are "lighter" than Canali but I find Canali suits to be softer to touch.

The suit looks fabolous. However, there are some real cool Isaia suits on eBay now for that price, you might wanna check them out.
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That's a great suit. I would get it myself if they had it in my size. Anyway, I'm a big fan of Corneliani and I don't think you can go wrong. Good thing you found this site before your interviews, I wore a navy Bachrach suit with big clunky square toe shoes to mine (though, I don't think it hurt me any). Remember to polish your shoes.
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I too would buy this suit if STP had it in my size (Euro 48 _Long_). IMO everyone needs a charcoal suit. Summary: it's a very good suit and a better price than you're likely to find without spending a lot of time looking. In my experience, wardrobe staples like charcoal suits are hard to find on sale at B&M stores.
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I think I may do it. The return policy does seem very good and I did get 15% off with American Express, resulting in a cost of $779 shipped. They do not have this in a short, but I tried on a lot of suits at different places and the people helping me always suggested a regular. I guess I'm 5 10 with shoes.

I will post pictures after receiving it and may ask for your advice on whether to keep it and what type of tailoring is needed.

Thanks again,

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Congratulations. It really is a good price for an excellent suit.
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Wear it in good health, it's a great suit.
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Cornelianis can be found for less -- often less than $500. But it's very difficult to find a solid at a steep discount. I imagine that many of the desirable sizes of the suit at STP will sell out before the price drops anywhere near that low.

If you haven't ordered from STP, visiting this link will save you 20 percent:

(At least I think it will. I assume the coupon is good for all STP.)
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Just to assuage your concerns about how much you spent, I can tell you from recent personal experience that 38R is probably the hardest standard size to find on discount. The ones that do make it tend to get snapped up fast, especially on a site like STP that carries 38R's about as often as TJ Maxx carries Kiton, and I'd be willing to bet that none of the 38R suits currently on STP makes it to a price cut. I caved in and bought a Dunhill for $600 a few days ago for the same reason. Oh, and unless your body is proportioned very oddly, I'm going to disagree and say that as someone who is almost exactly your size (5'8", 135), 38R is the proper size. I've tried a fair share of 38S's in different, and they've all been noticebly too short. Good luck with the suit; it's a versatile basic and should be worth whatever you end up spending on it.
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Originally Posted by aybojs
Oh, and unless your body is proportioned very oddly, I'm going to disagree and say that as someone who is almost exactly your size (5'8", 135), 38R is the proper size. I've tried a fair share of 38S's in different, and they've all been noticebly too short.

Much depends on the length of one's torso. I'm a thin 6', and a Corneliani 38R fits me almost perfectly off the rack. I tend to think of Corneliani as a long, slim suit, and have heard complaints from several posters who find the sleeve lengths excessive. But it works great for me.
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I would definitely take the time to go to a B and M store and try on a Corneliani in a 38R. Corneliani is cut a bit big and I find that I wear size smaller with them than with other Italian outfits....but about the same size as I do with US manufacturers.

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