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Pictures/photos have gone
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does anyone have that picture?


Did no one on SF save a copy of that picture? 

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I have a cure for this problem! I have a beautifully made bespoke suits that I purchased years ago. Whether due to wear, or improper storage or dry-cleaning, the shoulders have developed those disgusting divots, rendering the suit useless to me! After spending $$$$ at the tailor who put new shoulder pads in (to no avail), I was ready to give up and send this $1,000 suit to Salvation Army for the huuuge deduction of $60.....ouch!!!!...Then I realized I was relying on a good tailor that knew his business, but didn't know how to problem solve. I'm a structural engineer, so solving problems is what comes naturally to me. One day, I put on my OTR Ralph Lauren navy sport coat and realized the shoulders were perfect! I mean absolutely PERFECT! so I took off the jacket and started feeling around inside the shoulder. That's when I realized what the big difference between this $150 OTR jacket, and my custom made Italian suit was... The RL had shoulder pads too, except for the fact that it also had the canvassing going over the shoulder pad, over the entire shoulder, all the way to the collar, which effectively eliminates the chance of any 'wrinkling' in the shoulder! It created a perfect form to which the material was attached, thus giving the illusion of a perfectly formed shoulder. I took this jacket to my tailor (who by now was tired of me), and told him that I wanted him to put the same material that was in the RL jacket into the Italian jacket, in the same place. Period. He argued that this wasn't going to do anything, but it was sooooo obvious that this would solve the problem, I insisted. One week later, he called me that the jacket was done. I went in, put the jacket on, and BINGO! The shoulders were PERFECTLY SMOOTH, sharp, and crisp!!!! I fell back in love with  my Milan-made suit, after not wearing it for five years. So....this is what you need to do...get a jacket that has great looking shoulders, and I'll just about guarantee it's got a full light-formed padding covering the ENTIRE shoulder. Rip open that jacket's lining (don't worry, it can get sewed back...and tell your tailor you want the exact same padding in the exact same place. The cost for me was $100 (and my tailor is expensive), however he had already charged me $125 for installing the new shoulder pads weeks before. This is the fix, guys! Of course, the rest of the suit's gotta look good before you spend any $$$ on fixes like this one....

Good Luck!



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