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You can buy your own iPod for a couple hundred bucks. Not worth feeling like an asshole every time you pull the thing out of your pocket.

At least make an attempt to find the owner. Put up some fliers in the area; if someone can name a bunch of the songs on it you know they're the real owner. If no one contacts you, at that point you don't have to feel bad about keeping it.

Wouldn't bother with the police. Who goes to the police station to look for their lost iPod anyway?
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possession is 9/10 ownership.
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Originally Posted by Jumbie View Post
^ cheers

I didn't do it for the thanks. I guess I just sort of expected it and can't get over the fact that someone wouldn't have the courtesy to say thank you to a complete stranger who did them a good deed.

Once, I returned a phone by mail. Supposedly I would get the postage returned...

On the other hand, I've had my wallet returned to me at least 15 times (truly) when I forgot it in the canteen of the Universtity library. Always in order. At least twice with the rent money (around €450,-) in it.
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I once lost my school bag 2 weeks before the finals of my senior year in undergrad. It had all my study notes and other important school material. I was certain my life was fucked. A few days later, I received a letter in my inbox. A local doctor had found my bag on a sidewalk (I honestly have no idea how I lost that bag!), and somehow there was letter in there with my address in it, thus he was able to find me. I immediately drove to his office and got the bag, with everything still intact. I have kept that letter until this day, hoping that I will get an opportunity to pay the good doctor's karma forward one day. So, if there's a way for you to find out who the owner is, then give it back. If not, keep it. How do you do that? Post an ad on craigslist's electronics for sale section, and if the someone can give you certain identifying characteristics of the iPod, then give it back.
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You should at least try to find the owner. I always thought that if you took it to the police station and it wasn't claimed in 30 days, it was yours. I'd feel like odd keeping it and would keep it in the lost and found. If you found it in a parking lot, the obvious thing to do is to immediately return it to the largest business on the lot so that the person who lost it will come back and ask for it.
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Originally Posted by dcg View Post
Not worth feeling like an asshole every time you pull the thing out of your pocket.

I of course do not know the OP, but I think this is the problem. Some people would not feel like an ass every time they use it, if at all. That feeling is why guys like you and I return things if we can.
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You actually can track iPods. My sister has all apple products and if any of them go missing she can track them. 

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To the OP, this is easy peasy: What's the honorable thing to do?
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Originally Posted by munchausen View Post

lol. Yeah right. Cop gets a new iPod, and you don't even get a thank you.

No, you're wrong. The cop has little incentive to keep the reported item since such actions would cause others to chose to not do business with him. As a result, he would be forced to move outside of the city.
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I'm just poking a little fun at the fact that you responded to a poster who calls himself John Galt.
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grrr just realized this was brought back from the dead by a 1 poster.
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Being quite adept at losing expensive shit (cell phones, briefcases, sunglasses, wallet), I go out of my way to return things if I can trace it back. So for example I found an Iphone outside some bars on a random night. I called one of the person's friends and luckily they were able to pick it up (at 4am of course). Must've made the guys weekend.

I've had people find my wallet on the train (twice), call my office and meet my nearby to hand it over.

It being an Ipod I'm not sure what you could do to try to find the owner. Maybe a craigslist ad? Head back to the parking lot and check in with the local businesses for people asking around for the ipod. If no word in a week, I say you can keep it.
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