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Haven't see a thread talking about Supreme... just wondering if any of you guys are into it of if it's not "high end" enough. For those who do not know what Supreme is
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Rad! Thanks for the pro tip.
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whats supreme ? r you sure that falls into the streetwear category? never heard of it and i grew up in nyc so i dont think its cool enough for us to be into. the kinda brands we're into over here is nudies and gstar, crooks n castles, etc.
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i have actually been curious about this since seeing it plastered all over sufu. Never looked into it because it looked like mall brand hypebeast garbage. correct assessment?
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the handle is so great. Way to blow your own spot.
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what a cool iconic logo, I'll bet if you put that on gray sweatshirts and white t-shirts, you could charge $200 and $75 respectively and make quite a profit
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i actually like some of supreme
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Does SUPREME make anything except t-shirts with "SUPREME" on them?
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post
Does SUPREME make anything except t-shirts with "SUPREME" on them?

hoodies that say supreme on them
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A buddy of mine ued to be their stock manager...he would show up to our hockey games with boxes of shit for me, tees, hoodies, I have some denim and cords as well...lots of wool hats that I wore to death...still have a few of them...I believe he said they made skateboards and kicks.
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Supreme are actually not bad, when it comes to street/skater clothing they are pretty much as good as it gets. I hear they make limited edition boards with various artist's work on them, kind of their 'thing'.
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way to spam your blog spammer spamity spam spam spam
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