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On a totally seperate note, I was in Italy and found that the much revered Energie brand is worth NOTHING, considered trashy, in Italy... This surprised me, and I'm sure will surprise you.
This does not surprise me at all, since I'm not particularly fond of Energie myself. So what is revered or "non-trashy" in Italy these days?
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On a totally seperate note, I was in Italy and found that the much revered Energie brand is worth NOTHING, considered trashy, in Italy... This surprised me, and I'm sure will surprise you.
This doesn't at all surprise me. The GAP, for example, considered of low quality in the States, fetches a premium in the UK and parts of Europe; and as posted in another thread, normal 501s are considered the ultra ne plus of jeans nearly everywhere but the United States and Canada. The rule of thumb is that if you buy imported streetwear, the likelihood of it being ill-considered in that country is rather high. In the best-dressed scenario, everyone would buy whatever suits their style without regard to brand image. However, if you are concerned that your streetwear is going to look trashy in some other country, then stick to the best DOMESTIC streetwear. You can be assured that elsewhere, it will be just as or more expensive (and thus be considered "classy"). So, if you are North American: PDC, Seven, Levi's Premium or Red, Parasuco, Joe's jeans, even Earl, are probably good bets. Or stick to the marquee designers: Prada, Gucci, and Dior, are all probably going to be safe in that respect.
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We have a lot of new faces here on the board since this topic was last discussed (a year ago), so I figured I'd perform some FORUM NECROMANCY and hear about you guys' personal styles. And for those who've already replied to this topic before, has your style changed or been modified in any way? I like single-breasted suits. I can wear them unbuttoned if I want to. My suits feature high armholes, high notched lapels (medium width), natural-sloping but defined shoulders, and smooth waist definition (no hourglasses here.) My jackets are all cut short with double vents, and flapped besom pockets. I can dig either flat-front or single-pleated trousers, but no cuffs for either. Until recently, I wore a lot of black shoes. Ever since I got my C&J's, I'm wearing a lot of brown ones. I like striped ties. 99% of my ties have some sort of stripe pattern on them. All of my ties are woven; I don't like printed ones. I also don't like little flowers or donkeys or elephants or whathaveyou printed on ties. I dunno, I've always thought those to be a little dorky. I really love blue and purple. Pink comes in third. I always try and match colors to each other. I think it puts the whole ensemble together. I won't do anything like wear a navy blazer, light blue shirt, and an orange tie. My favorite current suit+shirt+tie color combination is as follows: Solid navy blue serge suit + striped lilac, light blue, and navy blue shirt + striped navy blue, blue, pink, and silver tie. That's the combo I'm wearing in my member picture in the HOF thread, by the way. Double-sided cufflinks are my best friends. I have three pairs, two sterling silver and one MOP, which is enough for me. Whenever I go casual, I go REALLY casual. I'm talking clothes that I've been wearing for 5 years: beat-up cargos and jeans, and Quiksilver shirts from high school. I sort of swing between sartorial extremes this way. eBay is also my best friend. I get everything except shirts and suits from that place. And soon, I'm hoping to get a watch.
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Happiness is lighting a cigar on Friday nights dressed in green velvet slippers, smoking jacket, and flannel trousers I mix traditional styles with woven ties from Borrelli, Barbera or Kiton as I find modern interpretations of classic designs. I wear Drake's and New & Lingwood ties as well. Shoes from Edward Green and Cleverley. Custom oxfords for dress, stock specials for weekend wear ranging from monk straps to veldts to chukka boots. MTO Turnbull & Asser dress shirts, either spread or tab collar with turnback cuffs in blues and ecru. A third are contrast collar and cuffs. Perhaps fifteen pair of double sided cuff links. On weekends, ecru silk with buttondown collars.   Suits are Anderson & Sheppard, a mix of vested single breasted and six button double breasted.  Grays, blues and tan, with brown glen check for weekends. Some BroBroClo made to measure summer items that the English aren't comfortable making -  seersucker suit, unlined linen odd jacket, etc.   I buy neckties, socks and pocket squares on eBay, and am happy to save enough each year to pay for my shoes.
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Happines for me when the week ends... ...going to the country, slipping on my orvis vest and grandfather's BB hat and fly-fishing ...going to the the island, getting some sun on the beach with my j.crew trunks, and then going out at night with a pair of white linen pants to keep cool ...staying in the city, having a few drinks, going out with friends, meeting girls but anyway. . .we were talking about style. . . i guess my style differs depending on the situation, living in nyc and being 23, the options are endless leading to, as alias calls it, "sartorial extremes." If i'm meeting up with friends from prepp school...well then the khakis(chinos&#33, polo's, etc etc etc come out with me. If i'm meeting up with my "brooklyn" friends...t-shirt, jeans, sneakers all the way If im going out to a lounge/bar ..."nice" jeans or black pants, untucked button down if i go into any more post will turn into a sociology paper. it's more complicated than i thought to fully explain my casual style, so i guess ill just get into the other one... -single-breasted suits. -double vents, and no flaps, ticket pocket -flat-front preffered, single-pleated trousers ok, cuffs on pleated. -i like both brown and black shoes equally. . .still having problems finding the "right" shoes...not to conservative, not too trendy. -i like all ties...can't get enough of them. ill find a reason to wear that elephant donkey tie. -one more for casual...jeans, button down and jacket anyway, i feel like i've gone on too long, and as this is only my second post, most of you won't care anyway. I'll try to start a fight on my next post. btw, still coming to NYC alias?
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btw, still coming to NYC alias?
Probably not this year. I'm going to Hawaii in a month to visit my relatives, then this winter it's off to Japan to snowboard because the snow there kicks all kinds of butt. So if I do go to NYC, it'll probably be next year.
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Modern day dandy myself...

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I love wearing a well-cut suit with an open shirt ...I hate ties...

jeans with a tailored shirt and a jackey /blazer...

In terms of colour, i do love dark suits colours such as midnight blue ,charcoal,chocolate brown...My favourite suits are single breasted and i do have a personal hatred for anything double-breasted...
I do prefer solid patterns or a subtle pinstripes....hate chalk stripes...

You go have classic clothes and being original with your haircut or persona..
No need wearing flashy colours ,strange combos or shorten trousers for being interesting...

Be elegant first ,interesting after is my motto..
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