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Originally Posted by FLMountainMan View Post
Had this happen with a coke when I was a child. I had been drinking it in a glass outside, put it in the fridge, drank it the next morning and dropped the glass when the wing hit my lip. I seriously just shivered remembering it.

I think I would cry if this happened to me, regardless of age.
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Originally Posted by mukeshgbg View Post
Well i thin that you just need to feed them and you should start loving cockroches as they are your family members now.
Best of luck
Hahahhaha this was a spam post but I wanted to quote it for you guys. Maybe the best one I've ever seen.
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In the Eastern region of Thailand, people actually eat cockroaches. And locusts. And water beetles. And crickets. Pretty much anything with legs. They deep-fry the buggers and sell them for ~$1 per 100g. I've never eaten them, though. Even the smell is repulsive. Enjoy.
post #139 of 156 For those of you in NYC. I hate cockaroaches almost as much as i hate Uggz..
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Conne, you are a monster. I'm forwarding this thread to PETA (PETI?)
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Conne, you are a monster. I'm forwarding this thread to PETA (PETI?)

PETA kills the animals it rescues (they are affiliated with ALF - Animal Liberation Front)

I kill every spider and other bug I see at my place, then ask for forgiveness after.
Except Ladybugs..I can never kill one, they're just too pretty.
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No, you don't call the police for two cockroaches. And don't worry everyone kills cockroach.

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I killed 4 spiders this week. Any spider somes into my home, dies. They would do the same to me if the tables were turned.
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Originally Posted by Connemara View Post

I'm just gonna off myself. I feel like vomiting.

This was such a great meme. Even had a good DT for a while.
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I effing hated that apartment.
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I killed two last night as well, it sucked, spent the rest of the night washing dishes, taking out the garbage and vacuuming.
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Originally Posted by sho'nuff View Post

Might want to check your inner ears and throat. Cockroaches may have already existed in your living quarters for the last few weeks. They start becoming bold and coming out in the open when they have saturated their hiding places.

Check your ears and throat for any latched nested eggs. Don't let them get to deep into your inner ear lest you wind up with a half grown dead roach in your cerebrum. You will notice this first with an itch in your head but then later with a consistent headache at the spot where he r.I.p.

Place a time elapse camera over your bed at night in infrared and you will see at about the 1am-4am mark how the roaches travel across your sheets to their various centers and refuges. You will see their systematic trails going across your body, through your sheets, in one ear and out the other, some even detouring through your anus and out your mouth for the quickest path to their sanctuaries while at the same time being able to commensally pick up residual food off and inside your body.

ok conne?

I know this post is old, but when I came across it, I just had to respond.

Please, if you read this, do not believe this B.S. I can't tell if it is meant to be serious or just a sick joke, but it is 100% WRONG.

A few facts, in case they have not already been posted:

Of the over 3,000 species of cockroaches on Earth, only a very few are actually "pests". Most live outside and go about their business, like any other bug. A few opportunistic ones have learned that human dwellings provide food and shelter and have adapted to this new environment.

Cockroaches are a nuisance but are relatively harmless. They are an excellent source of protein and some species are kept as pets.

The size of a cockroach is irrelevant. Most roaches in Canada are smaller species, not the large ones you are used to seeing on TV and in the movies.

Whether or not you get them has nothing to do with the cleanliness of your house/apartment. Clutter gives them places to hide and they find food by sense of smell, so cleaning and getting rid of clutter does help to control them once you have them. Make sure there are no open food containers, no crumbs on the counter or dirty dishes in the sink, and keep a tight lid on your garbage containers.

If you see one, assume you have at least 12 more. It's almost a guarantee. Do not delay even one day in dealing with it, particularly if it is a German Cockroach, as they breed extremely quickly.

The presence of a bug that eats cockroaches, such as the Kingston bug mentioned here, is a good indication that you may have roaches. Ants in the house could also be a sign, as many ants will allow roaches to live in their nests.

DO NOT EVER kill a cockroach by stepping on it. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Cockroaches carry their eggs on their backs and when you step on one that has an egg sack, the eggs will not be destroyed, they will only spread further. If they stick to your shoe you will carry them and deposit them everywhere you go.
When you use spray/powder to kill them, be very carefully how you do it. NEVER start with the kitchen, or the room where you saw the roach if not the kitchen. ALWAYS start at the outer walls and work your way in. This way you force them to concentrate in the center, where you will be able to eliminate them more quickly. Going the other way makes them disperse and spread out into all the other rooms and then they are nearly impossible to get rid of.

Now I need to continue my search to identify the roach I just found and figure out where it came from and how concerned I need to be. smile.gif
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Wtf LadyJayne?
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Originally Posted by Harold falcon View Post

Wtf LadyJayne?

I'm sorry, but can I get a little context here? eh.gif
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Originally Posted by LadyJane View Post

I'm sorry, but can I get a little context here? eh.gif

Well, your guide to killing cockroaches was sudden and unexpected, as well as unnecessary. Also, you necrobumped the thread needlessly.

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