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Originally Posted by Shifu03 View Post

Thanks for the opinion.  I agree with you on that, I'm leaving the waist as is.


I'm just about wrapped up with my suit options.  I would like some opinions on the lapel width, though.  I originally chose the standard 3.5" lapels, but Aaron gave me his opinion that this may look large for me, considering my 5'-5" stature.  But I do have broad shoulders for my size, so I'm not sure what to make of this.  I'm trying to steer clear of anything too fashion-forward/trendy.  The smaller size lapel option would be 2.75".


These are two photos of me with the 34 suit jacket (3.5" lapel) with the slim 3" KW silk grenadine tie.  The 3.5" lapel width is just a touch past the halfway point to my shoulders, which I read is the traditional rule of thumb for lapel widths.  What do you guys think of the size combo?  I feel the 3" tie is definitely the more appropriate size for the tie, compared to the standard 3.5" tie.


Photos (Click to show)

My apologies for the dirty mirror pic, haha.

It seems, in my view, that you're somewhat caught in a less than optimal purgatory of sorts.The 3.5" lapels do seem far too wide in my mind, though 2.75" might be a touch on the slender side...I'd say at the very least get a visual so you can compare/contrast, and maybe see if KW could do 3" lapels.


Note: I'd also highly advocate going 4 in hand on the tie knot...the knot looks incredibly bulky from my POV, especially for a relatively slimmer tie.

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I don't think those lapels look too wide at all, you should stick with them as is. But then again I've gotten 4.25" wide lapels on my 3 KW suits and my KW blazer, so I'm biased towards wider lapels. If you don't want to have a trendy slim lapel look, since you've said as much, then keep what you got on the trial and don't switch to the 2.75" option.
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^ +1. I also think the high angle of the images and mirror distortion are exaggerating the lapels.

A few pages back I posted some pics of me in the 34R. I'm 5'5" or so, and even a smaller build. I had considered going to the wider lapel, but Kent rightly suggested I stick with the standard lapel.
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