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KW 3-piece in AR0011

No alterations, fits straight out the box.

Disappointing to see someone else having issues with their order. I can't be bothered to have it returned and remade (only in NYC for 6 more weeks) just to have it corrected to 3R2 and a ticket pocket added. No offer of partial refund/discount off next order (since bought 2 ties and 2 pocket squares), which was a shame.

edit: on reflection, the trouser leg looks .5 - .75" short. how straightforward is it to get these lengthened, whilst retaining the cuff?
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^ you'll have to see how much fabric is left, but if you need to lengthen the trouser by 0.75 inches, you probably won't be able to keep the same height cuff. You'd need a significant amount of fabric for that. And that sucks that there were 2 pretty major mistakes (not 3R/2 and no ticket pocket) and they didn't offer any sort of discount or credit to you. I'd make a pretty big stink if one of my suits had those errors and they didn't do anything about it.
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Originally Posted by fJab17 View Post

I received an order yesterday for a 2pc suit in Ariston navy AR0011. Some highlights and unfortunately more disappointments. I flew into NYC to get a fitting at the pop up store. 


First impressions were that the suit is beautiful. Well made, good quality, and I loved the fabric. But the jacket will need some minor tailoring and there were a few things wrong:


1) I bought a tie  and 2 pocket squares that they were holding to ship with the suit and they didn't arrive. Hopefully they are right behind...

2) I asked for stacked buttons on the jacket sleeves. They came non-stacked.

3) Button stance was supposed to be lowered but feels the same as the trial suit. I wonder if they have a way to verify if their shop made the correct adjustment. 

4) Fit on the pants are very off. Unwearable. I tried on a larger size first, and it was too big. I tried on the smaller size and it was good, just needed the waist let out slightly and a few other minor adjustments. The pants are so big that I think they made the adjustments based on the larger size. Totally different pair of pants than what I tried on.


I emailed them last night about everything. We'll see where it goes. Having flown into NYC for the fitting, I was really hoping to get a near perfect fit that wouldn't require any additional tailoring. I hope the pants can be replaced.




Overall, I'm happy with the products and quality, but the customer service really leaves something to be desired. I decided to purchase from him because this thread made me comfortable with the fact that he was excellent with the fittings and his customer service was top notch. The customer service has not been great and I actually don't think I've communicated with Kent once throughout the whole process.


As I stated above, the suit quality is very nice. I also bought a white linen pocket square, star chart cellarius square, and slim grey wool donegal tie. All is great and the tie is beautiful.


When I first placed the order, I needed to make sure I had the suit by a specific date. They gave me a quote of 4 weeks and I would have the suit. So I made sure all of my decisions were finalized in time to have the suit on time.


A week into my order they told me my fabric was out of stock. They sent me the swatches and I had to re-pick. I wasn't upset, but this cost me over a week in time. The suit also took 1 week longer than the estimated time. So overall, these errors cost me 2 weeks in time. I asked about expedited shipping options and they told me it would cost $34 more. I tried to nicely point out that I needed the suit by a certain date, and due to them being late over 2 weeks that they should cover the expedited shipping. I figured this would be fair.


He responded back offering to take $4 off the shipping. LOL. Yes, $4 off... I sent another email again encouraging them to cover the shipping because it was over 2 weeks late and he then agreed. I was glad they covered it, but disappointed that he didn't say yes the first time and I needed to get upset before it was offered. I cant complain since they did cover it, but it put me off a little. 


The suit arrived, and the jacket fits good - not perfect. I really hoped an in-person fitting would leave me without needing alterations. Sleeves need shortened very slightly, and the waist needs let out a little bit. But again, the fit is good and the jacket is really nice. I could understand that its tough to get perfect with one fitting. But I think people should understand they may need some alterations after the final suit. 


I specified for stacked buttons, and that wasn't done. 


The pants are awful and unwearable. I tried on a pair at the store and said they were too big. I tried on another pair and they were good, just needed some minor adjustments. The pants I had for the fitting were snug at the waist. We did +1cm on the waist. The pants I got are so big I can fit my fist in the waist. They are about 1" too short and baggy all around. I am convinced they made the sizing adjustments to a bigger size and not the size I had on for the fitting. It just cant be right that +1cm on tight pants brings them to be inches too big. 


So I emailed all of this the other day and he responded. Then I responded and I haven't heard back since 1/17. 


As for the mistake on the jacket buttons - he told me sorry. No offer of a partial refund or discount for the future. I buy a MTM suit to ensure a great fit, and have control over the options. The options should be correct 100% of the time. If they are missed, it should be a bigger deal. How can I have confidence of making another purchase knowing that something could get missed and I would be stuck with it. 


As for the pants - he sent me one line telling me he entered the size correct. That doesn't mean much to me. Obviously if the fit of the pants are this far off, an error was made somewhere. Doesn't matter if he entered them wrong, or the shop messed up. I just want it to be correct. He also asked for pictures, so I'm hopeful this is a step in the direction of getting the pants replaced.

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Originally Posted by acinod 
Regarding fit, I presume I'll be a medium in Kent Wang given I'm a small in PRL custom fit.

If it helps, I'm asian with black hair and eyes. Will be wearing these with navy shorts/raw denim/khaki and mustard chinos.

I'm a medium with RL custom fit and am the same with Kent Wang polos.

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I just want it to be correct. He also asked for pictures, so I'm hopeful this is a step in the direction of getting the pants replaced.


Thanks for writing this post.  I am actually considering having a suit made, but your post has really made me reconsider.  I hope Kent and his staff understand that this is just as important as the product, because things do not always go as planned and errors will be made.  It's a bummer when things don't turn out exactly right, but that's life - what matters is what a company does to fix it.  It's especially surprising because I'm sure Kent Wang depends to a large degree on word of mouth and forums like this.


Please let us know how this plays out.  Any more nonsense and they should know they're losing customers.

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I'm looking into the matter. Our MTM director, Aaron has been handling these orders.


Our usual practice has always been to either correct errors at our expense or offer compensation. We make many suits every week, so these two cases are very rare examples.


With hundreds of suits made over the last two years, we have never had a customer that was ultimately dissatisfied, as can be seen throughout the history of this thread.


Originally Posted by suited View Post

Any plans on introducing a black leather lace-up into the handgrade line?

No, I think we have enough black shoes.


Originally Posted by random-adam View Post

I need to pick up a thing or two for a friend's wedding in June. Any ETA on the navy linen pocket square?

End of March.

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I actually had a similar recent experience with Kent Wang and the MTM company he uses. I was also worried about getting a good fit from a MTM jacket, so I went to the NYC trunk show and had Kent measure me for a sports coat. The trail jacket I tried on looked really great--I mean really great, and this convinced me to go ahead with the order. We just made a few adjustments to the trail pattern. The sleeves needed minor adjustments, and I thought the button stance needed lowering by an inch. Kent disagreed, so we compromised and lowered it 1 cm. I really liked the shoulders, but Kent noted that I have strong shoulders and suggested I get soft shoulders. I didn't get to see a trail jacket with soft shoulders, but I trusted Kent. I also thought the armholes were fine, but Kent suggested that if I could grab an inch of material, I just have the raised 1 cm, which in retrospect I think was a good suggestion.


Six weeks later, I get the jacket. It is ok, but the cut is really not as good as the unaltered trail jacket I tried on. The soft shoulders, which I had not seen before, seem to accentuate my strong shoulders, whereas the more padded shoulder created a softer transition from the end of my natural shoulder to my neck. The back also had a funny hollow spot at my lower back, and the center vent gaps open and shows a bit of my pants when I am standing relaxed. The trail jacket just looked better. Oh well.


However, one of the shoulders was 1/2" longer than the other, which is enough to show, and, more importantly, the armholes felt a good bit larger than the trail version I tried on. I can't raise my arms more than 45 degrees without the chest of the jacket lifting up unattractively. I emailed Kent, and he said he had made a mistake and had entered +1 on the armhole instead of -1. He told me to take it to a tailor, and he would pay for the alterations. Fair enough, though I wasn't sure what a tailor could do to make a jacket armhole smaller. So I took a long lunch one day, and went across town to the tailor Kent sent me too. Sure enough, the tailor said nothing could be done. I related this back to Kent. Kent replied that he rechecked, and he actually didn't make a mistake on the order, everything should be fine. I said that can't be right, the armhole feels bigger. He tells me to come into the pop-up store and they will check it. I make an appointment with Aaron at the pop-up store for two weeks in advance. I get there, and Aaron isn't up to speed on the situation. He takes some time to read all the past emails and then asks me what I want to do. I tell him I think we should compare the armhole measurements of my jacket with the trail version to see which is bigger. We do this, and the armhole of my jacket is clearly 10-10.25" whereas the trail version is ~9". He says he will pass the information on to Kent. I ask he whether the jacket can be remade since this is the only way to fix the armholes, and he assures me that Kent will make it right. I leave.


Later that night, Aaron emailed me that the trail jacket we measured wasn't the trail jacket I had tried on at the truck show--it was a new model they had created since the trunk show (which had only been ~ 2 months back). He said he measured the "old" trail jacket (which was in a box that he had forgotten about) after I left and that he found the armhole to be 11". Thus, he said no mistake had been made. I found all of this pretty hard to believe, and wrote an email detailing the rather strange situation and all the trouble I had gone through visiting the tailor and the pop-up store. Kent said he was sorry and offered $200 store credit. This was a nice gesture I guess, but I would have really rather had the jacket fixed. He still hasn't admitted there was a problem. Concerning the armholes and the shoulders, Kent said that they use a "computerized cutting system so it is always consistent", so, even without seeing my jacket himself, Kent apparently doesn't even acknowledge that mistakes are possible.


All this to say that, while I think Kent's jackets are well made and a generally good value, I don't feel like I had a great experience, and I don't intend on ordering more tailored clothing (I also regret MTM KW gloves and shirt purchases). In all fairness though, I will say that I have had excellent customer service from Kent Wang on his ready made stuff. He has accepted returns of unworn polos sometimes several months after I purchased them and realized the color didn't quite work out so I never reached for them to wear.

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^ I won't go into detail with a lengthy post, but I was also disappointed by some aspects of the MTM suit process during my two orders. Although I was very excited at the onset, suffice it to say that in hindsight I regret the purchases and won't be making any more. I was too forgiving of the errors and should have put my foot down at the time. Oh well, live and learn.
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Originally Posted by Flyswatter View Post

^ I won't go into detail with a lengthy post, but I was also disappointed by some aspects of the MTM suit process during my two orders. Although I was very excited at the onset, suffice it to say that in hindsight I regret the purchases and won't be making any more. I was too forgiving of the errors and should have put my foot down at the time. Oh well, live and learn.

+1 (or +2 or whatever)

After getting fitted at the pop up store I fully intended to purchase another suit, however after having receiving the first and probably being to complacent with the outcome, I don't think I will be buying another.
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Sucks to read all these negative suit reviews all of a sudden. FWIW, I have 2 suits and a navy blazer from KW and they all turned out great. Some small adjustments here and there, but I think that's to be expected with online MTM, since I didn't go to any in-person fittings. I'm planning on picking up probably another suit and SC once the S/S swatch books are ready, so I'll post some more updated reviews here as well throughout my process. I'm hoping my experiences stay positive just like they did with my first few orders.
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Originally Posted by Flyswatter View Post

^ I won't go into detail with a lengthy post, but I was also disappointed by some aspects of the MTM suit process during my two orders. Although I was very excited at the onset, suffice it to say that in hindsight I regret the purchases and won't be making any more. I was too forgiving of the errors and should have put my foot down at the time. Oh well, live and learn.


Flyswatter, care to share the issues for the forum's good?  I had a good experience, but also did not need many alterations from the trial jacket.  My one nit pick is that the button stance is too high for me, but I think Kent did a tremendous job in making other recommendations (some that I might never have considered).

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it seems like a lot of the issues are arising from the NY pop up store
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Just to reiterate - I really can't complain about the fit of my suit, it is excellent (as I think the above picture demonstrates, save for the trousers being perhaps .5 - .75" too short; this seems odd, as I remember I insisted on a lengthier inseam than I was first measured for). I just wanted to raise the issue that the jacket was missing two major details that I specified - 3R2 and a ticket pocket.
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yeah, sounds like every issue is from the NY store, people who came in (which seems counter-intuitive that when you get personally fitted, the fit is worse).


on the other hand, it does seem like everyone who ordered online has done well.

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^ I had issues but ordered online--never visited any pop-ups.
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