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Hard to give tips when you've got your feet spread so far apart. Stand like you would normally to avoid incorrect input.

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Ever see any Texas trunk shows or are they pretty much limited to NYC?
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Just ordered a Rugby - I think this might be the shirt I've been looking for. Excited to try them out.
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Has anyone here purchased or tried the handgrade boot?  Was looking at the green grenadine tie and somehow ended up in shoes and saw this

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New squares look great! Thanks!

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Hey Kent, I might be dropping by your trunk show in NYC. Had a few questions about suiting:

1. Can you do a double breasted vest?

2. Can the trousers be customized with ‘Daks tops’?

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No, we can't do either. Only the options listed on the options form are possible.

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Hey KW, placed my first order through you last night. Sky Blue Polo, Navy Polo, and a White Linen PS with Red Edge. Very keen to get them, but you guys REALLY need to do a cherry/vibrant red Polo!

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Originally Posted by Kent Wang View Post

No, we can't do either. Only the options listed on the options form are possible.

Is the pleat option forward or reverse pleats?
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We can only do reverse pleats (pleats open towards the pockets)

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Navy hopsack blazer is being shipped now, can't wait to get this and try it out! This is going to fill a massive wardrobe gap for me, ever since I sold my navy RLPL jacket a few months ago. It was a great jacket, but I'm sure the fit on this one will be far superior.
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I'll be looking for a new suit as a graduation gift to myself come December. Looking over the size chart now and it says the sleeves in my size are 25. How much material would there be to let out? I need around 26 or 27, 27 to play it safe
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^ Infinite inches once you return the trial suit and get one made to your measurements. Read here:

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Okay thanks, that's what I was thinking initially until I saw the size chart. Guessing that chart is just for the trial suit
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I recently ordered a bunch of KW stuff and just wanted to add my two cents. I ordered five ties, a pair of MOP cufflinks, and three pocket squares. Overall, my initial impression is that the quality of the items is very good. Not too much more expensive than some of the stuff I would typically buy, and noticably better quality.


One of the MOP inlays came off the cufflinks, but that was really my fault as I dropped them on a hardwood floor. A few drops of glue and good as new, though.


I also like the look of the shoes, and am seriously considering picking up a pair. I love the quality and value of AEs, but really like the look of the KW last, which seems to offer a sleek touch that is often a little lacking in AE designs.

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