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Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse View Post

The chances of anybody outside of StyFo noticing a ticket pocket and thinking it's too flashy is probably slim to none, so I wouldn't worry about that. As far as 3R2, I think it's a great look, but I haven't had my jacket dry cleaned yet so I can't speak about any pressing horror stories. When I do get it cleaned, I will definitely take it somewhere reputable and make sure I talk to the cleaner when I drop it off.

Fair points, and those are justifications I have already thought of myself. Think I'll go for both options on teh next suit. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Flyswatter View Post

Yes, I am 100% convinced that KW offers the best deal around for a full canvas MTM suit. His method of sending a trial suit is infinitely better than just specifying measurements, and he has just the right amount of details and option to select from. Speaking of options, I am definitely going to opt for side adjusters on my next suit trousers, and think I'll go button fly as well. Beatlegeuse, you also have me tempted to try a ticket pocket and 3R2 jacket configuration. I like the look of both, but I'm hesitant for a couple reasons. Firstly, I'm worried that a ticket pocket is a bit too trendy and flashy for a staple suit that I want to be able to wear in a conservative environment if necessary for years to come. Secondly, I'm worried about the 3R2 config because I've read of horror stories where even top quality cleaners mess up when pressing the jacket, and ruin the natural roll by pressing the lapels as if they're supposed to roll to the top button like a normal 3-button. Thoughts?

Just tell your cleaner to not press the lapel. That's what I do with all my suits.
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How are the polo's? Im really looking for a slim fit, short polo so that I can wear it untucked.. Anyone own a medium?

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I own mediums there are some pics a few pages back. Good tucked or untucked. They are slim, you won't be disappointed.
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Originally Posted by Moloch38 View Post

I own mediums there are some pics a few pages back. Good tucked or untucked. They are slim, you won't be disappointed.

+1. I have two mediums as well and posted some pics a few pages back too. I'm 6'3" 160 lbs. (tall and skinny) and for me they are the perfect slimness and the length hits right in the middle of my fly so it's great tucked or untucked. You definitely won't be disappointed. 

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I had to size up with his polo but it's one of my favorite polo shirts.
Plan on buying a couple more here soon, but each color I want is on backorder.
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New PS, big fan of it.
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I'd like to say that I just received my MTM Kent Wang suit and it is spot on...I'm seriously amazed. Kent has some kind of super human power and has, through only a few emails figured all the adjustments that needed to be done to fit me perfectly. I seriously wouldn't pay 2 more grand for a bespoke suit if a MTM suit from Kent fits me like one! I hope to get some pics on here soon...

Hoping to try the polos soon too as soon as they come back in stock!
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I just received two of Kent's bi-color knit ties, and I have to say that they're even better looking in person. They've immediately become my two favorite ties. I want them all.  The blue/brown also pairs very nicely with the Great Wave pocket square.

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What other one did you get? I've got the blue brown one too. It just sucks that it's so hard to take a picture of.

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I also got the navy/light blue - those two will be the most versatile in my wardrobe at the moment, although the lime/green is really calling to me...

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Old post but does anyone know what collar the shirt is to have the collar looking like that unbuttoned? Point? Semi-spread?

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That's the standard medium spread collar that is on all the shirts, except for the button-down collars, of course.

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So, to answer my previous question, I emailed them and asked if they ship the charcoal suit to toronto as a MTM template, and yes they do (in case others are wondering).


I just placed an order for the template suit, 4 squares and a grenadine tie. The real hard part is choosing how to break the news to my wife. peepwall[1].gif


I'm going to get my custom suit in a bluer navy. Does anyone here have experience with fabric TR7121 or TR 7089 from this lookbook? Does anyone have alternatives to suggest? I have to keep the price low (A-range), unless I don't get an extra set of trousers. This is my second navy solid suit, so I'm trying to get something a bit lighter.


Options I expect to get: soft shoulder, limited pick stitching. Hacking pockets and hacking ticket pocket. Half-lined jacket. 4 kissing buttons. Pants will be pretty standard. Flat front.


I'm undecided on lapel width. I like wide lapels, but I don't want to stand out too much at my workplace (which is quite conservative). 

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Also, I'm considering doing a lighter blue pinstripe. Does anyone have experience with the pattern matching on KW suits? if things are off, that would really get to me.

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