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Today I received via mail my first Kent Wang pocket square- the red with gold pindots. It was a gift from a ladyfriend-she had asked me what clothing accessory I would like as a gift and I told her any of the KW squares.
It's a really nice square and was shipped very promptly-thanks KW.
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All the 3" grenadines are back in stock, along with a few others including: Six-fold glen plaid "wedding tie"
Originally Posted by LennonMcCartney View Post
Any more gingham black or navy pin dot pocket squares coming in?
Just got the fabric for the gingham black. They should be back in stock in about three weeks.
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Dear Kent. I love your knit ties that are triangle finished. I´ll plan to order you one for X-mas after I know if the new 35 % spaniard custom duty can be hijacked. Nice work!! Got any disccount for members ?
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All the international customers that I have spoken to say they haven't had to pay any customs. There are no discounts as I think it's more fair to have one low price for everyone.
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Is the weave on the square bottom and point tip ties the same? It looks like there are at least two different weaves on the site - one is very loose, the other tighter - it seems quite obvious if you look at the two versions of the brown knit. So in ties of the same color, is the tip the only difference or are there different designs, including the type of knit??
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We did have some knit ties made up with the looser knit, which I think is quite interesting and different. It's not described on the website but the looser knit is available in: Brown Black Navy (square end only) If you have a preference for one or the other, you can mention it when you place your order.
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Originally Posted by random-adam View Post
May I request an ETA for when these might again become available? All that remain to be acquired for my wedding attire next June are an appropriate tie and these sterling knots.
The sterling knot are back in stock, though the design has changed a bit with both sides the same size: Sterling silver knot cuff links
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Has anyone placed an order recently? I ordered a tie on 1 November and have not had any confirmation of the order. An email has yet to be responded to either.
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Please check you spam filter. I resent your order confirmation and sent you another separate email on Nov 3.
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4 new silk pocket squares 3 new cotton pocket squares
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New knit ties, a purple, and a navy with white and blue dots.
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^I'm really liking those ties. I wonder which one I should get - the navy with dots knit is tempting, but I've already got a navy knit tie from you (which is stellar btw). Is there any chance of getting more pictures of the purple knit ties, Kent?
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In about one week, I will be offering a charcoal 100% wool V-neck sweater for $145. The wool is medium weight, very soft, not scratchy at all. Fit is slim and the sizes correspond to my shirt sizing. So, for example, if you wear a size 15 in my shirts, a size S sweater will fit you perfectly.
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I don't suppose there will be an XS in the sweater sizing?
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Is there any market for Tall sizings, Kent? Those of us with long arms would appreciate a quality sweater that actually fits in the sleeve.
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