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Originally Posted by CoryB
Me too. There is a news anchor on CBC who does this as well. I always think they both look sharp with massive knots. I think though you need to do it with the right collar and have lots of confidence.

I will admit that I have not viewed the gentleman you are writing about.

However, when I see one of those Ostrich Egg tie knots, I think that they have been sold some goods made from homespun cloth that could not have been made finer - they bought it and tied it around their necks. The luxury of a tie, or the beauty of the woven cloth, is not demonstrated by the size of the knot (which is also determined by the bulk of the lining) but by the observation of how the particular fabric is woven and combined with the pattern.
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Originally Posted by Dapper Dandy
How does one tie a quadruple windsor?
You wrap it several times, which requires quite a long tie.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing
You wrap it several times, which requires quite a long tie.

Not a particulary long tie. Just an unbalanced length, And an aceptance of a bowling ball at the confluence of your shirt collar.
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While I do not want to blindly dismiss what now might be considered the knot du jour; in the days of my relative youth some of which were spent commuting about London, I never saw what could be described at a “quadruple Windsor”. In that time if I knot looked so fat as to suggest something beyond a standard Windsor I would have guessed that the tie was made out of Herculon.
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Tutorials, please.
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There are few things I find less obnoxious than spread collar, huge windsor knot and skynews british accent.

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