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If you do the rugby shirt idea, may I suggest avoiding the ones with giant stripes. Perhaps choose ones with darker colors. Perhaps a dark cardigan sweater as well. Darker colors in general will add a slimming effect. Avoid wale cord pants. If you wear cords, choose the thinner cords. Your new look really should include a new lifestyle. It would be prudent to seriously consider an exersize schedule, starting a.s.a.p. Clothes alone will not do the job. You may want to consider swimming. It can be a very gentle yet effective form of excersize and will yield good results. Eat less carbohydrates. Eat less in general. No second servings at dinner. No desserts until next spring. Do not eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. Avoid sugar altogether. Watching ones eating habits can assist in losing some weight effortlessly. If you stick with less food and more excersize, you'll be amazed at how fast you'll get into shape, and how many more clothing options will open to you. Start now, and come next spring you'll have literally transformed your appearance for the better. As a matter of fact, I'm going to do it too. 30lbs worth, starting this weekend. Please know that these words, and all other help here is meant in a positive way, and we would love to see 'before & after' photos as you go. Best of luck. You can do it!
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No matter if you are skinny, large or anything in between, clothes that fit well will make you look your best. If your pants are too baggy or too tight you won't look or feel comfortable. If the pant legs are too long, you look sloppy. If the cut of the clothing isn't right for you (baggy butt, too high or low of a rise at the waist) you won't look your best. If shirts are too loose at the collar or baggy you end up looking like a sack.

I see guys your size and weight all the time that look good and stylish, so you can do it. Rarely do they walk around with their shirts hanging out (unless at a resort or beach).

But most guys don't figure all of this out over night. It may take a few trial runs at finding the right combination that best suits you.

You might try getting some pants that fit you well and then finding a local tailor to alter them in a stylish way. The same goes for shirts. Large guys all too often end up with really loose shirts and collars that make them look ten lbs. heavier. A tailor can take in a shirt as well (but not a collar). Look at some of the threads here about what people are wearing and note the fit in the seat, the length, the break and cuff. Discuss this with your tailor. Don't be afraid to get things taken in a bit or shortened a bit more than you are used to. It is the little adjustments that give a fit that is ideal for your build.

Also, consider a nice brown leather belt and matching/similar colored brown leather shoes. Depending upon your style leather drivers are stylish or you can be a bit more dressy and get a nice oxford style cap-toe. Women always notice nice shoes.

Good luck and give yourself some time to try different types and brands of clothing to find the ones that fit and feel the best.

Definitely this. Best advice in this thread.
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