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thomas pink shirts

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I really like these two shirts
but TP only have non-fused collars on the 'black label' range (whatever that means), I also don't like the speardhead collar, and having double cuffs makes it seem less casual. Does anyone know where I can get hold of the fabrics? Perhaps I can have someone make it for me. Are bespoke shirts v. expensive? I also like these blazers.
again, does anyone know where I can get hold of the fabric used? Roughly how much would a bespoke blazer fashioned like those cost? BTW, I don't think anyone has talked about TP's tailoring. Is it any good? Or should I stay away. When does TP run its sale? And idea if these items likely to go on sale?
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I wouldn't waste my money, if I were you.
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Although I don't have first-hand experience with bespoke I suspect it's not a viable option for you. Bespoke shirts, I believe, tend to sit in the £150-200 area and makers will generally require a minimum purchase of several shirts (at least for the first order). Similarly, for a bespoke jacket you'd likely be looking at three or four times the price for the items you refer to (minimum) - and since you seem unsure on what exactly you need, bespoke probably isn't for now. Thos Pink hasn't the greatest reputation, prices tend to be very high for what you get which is shirts of a lower quality fabric, poor construction (there's been reports here of seams coming undone, buttons falling off) and which is made in the far East. You'd probably be much better off if you were to look at TM Lewin or Hilditch & Key for shirts. (H&K has, objectively, higher quality shirts but is more expensive; for the price, though, Lewin is great - but you'll find plenty of posts here on SF detailing the merits of either as well as other Jermyn St shirtmakers).
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you should look into Steven Aver for the sportcoats and Jantzen for the shirts. I have no personal experiene with Steven Aver, but Im probably going to give him a shot for my next sportcoat. I used to get a lot of Thomas Pink shirts but replaced them with Jantzens when I realized I could get better quality at a much lower price with Jantzen. Do a search, there are several threads.
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They look fine. I have a few PINK shirts myself.
If you proceed with the purchase, may I recommend washing & ironing at home.
My experience with PINK (and most others) is the collar points get too easily damaged if repeatedly professionally dry-cleaned/pressed. They hold up a lot longer if washed at home.
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Don't waste your money.

Check out Harvie and Hudson.
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Are bespoke shirts expensive?

If you go to Jantzen ... it's quite likely you'll find the prices acceptable ... and it's also likely their quality will suit you given that you are okay with Thomas Pink.

On the other hand ... if you elect to go to Kabbaz ... I have no doubt that you'll find his shirts to be very expensive ... and well beyond the quality you require.

In between the two ... there are countless options.
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