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Essentials of a Summer Wardrobe?

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What would you say are the essentials of a summer wardrobe?

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I think it depends on where you live.

Arizona - shorts, flip-flops and lots of t-shirts It's going to hit 103 today and soon that will seem cool.

Obviously a lot more tradly responses to this on AAAC.
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something seersucker.
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color, gingham, spectators...though not necessarily together.
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Navy blazer in a light weight, I agree that something seersucker is always fun, several pairs of different color trousers (have some fun with colors like red, yellow, even pink)...will try and think what else
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Linen/cotton trousers. Lots of white.
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Oh, and I picked up a pair of natural white Chucks that I think are gonna be great for summer.
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I believe Alan Flusser would agree that the ethic of concentrating on the classical crispness of navy and white applies equally to all seasons but in different weights and finishes of fabric.

This might be of interest, both of the outfits featured are in summer weaves and/or weights.

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A nice panama, perhaps.
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Summer Checklist: sunscreen cooler A nice beach chair (w/drink holder?) hat (too many different kinds to mention) sunglasses flip flops boogie board moisturizer games for out in the sun (f*%#ing boring just sitting there) clothing magazines (or light summer reading - nothing too deep or you'll forget to flip over, or even worse, miss the girl in bikini) good swimming trunks (patagonia) sneakers, flip flops?/sandals? web belt t-shirts, polos, a light jacket (for those cool nights) Finally, khakis and a decent pair of denim.
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Linen, loafers, polos, and a roadster.
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Originally Posted by SGladwell
Linen, loafers, polos, and a roadster.

And a nice tall Tom Collins. (Not while operating the roadster, of course.)
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I've almost completely stopped wearing shorts this summer and replaced them with linen pants. I love them so far, they actually seem cooler than something like cotton cargo shorts. A nice pair of sunglasses is also a must. I just had perscription lenses put in my favorite sunglasses; I don't know how I lived without them before. I've been wearing long sleeve polos a lot this summer. I really like them for going out in the evening.
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Here's an article on Men's wardrobe essentials

A bit opionated but useful none the less.
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