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well... i am brand loyal, but only with vintage clothes. if i see a vintage izod lacoste polo in my size, i will buy it. same with levis. i have no loyalty to modern clothes.(mainly because i cant afford it.)
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Originally Posted by mack11211
Above is v. true. Average, us?

I think that savvy sartorialists know that each designer or line has its strengths. To prove our independence of mind, we generally prize putting our look together from the different makers' components.

I suspect that in the culture of SF/AA, anyone who dressed head to toe in X or Y would be thought a tool. For confirmation, check the 'what are you wearing' thread.

Not all men do that to be trendy or for other reasons people might ridicule. Rather, they see ensembles put together, which they wouldn't feel as comfortable doing on their own.

Good comments, all. Thanks.
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I would like to be more loyal to a particular brand but there never has been a brand to which I could go for most of my clothing choices. I guess that would be different if all of my clothing would be custom made and money wasn't an issue.

Brands (imo) are trying to do that (provide cust w/all their clothing needs - promote a lifestyle rather than brand) but it doesn't seem to work completely. I think it could be done but in a different way than most companies do it today.

For me, I am (and believe most are) loyal to a particular article of clothing from a brand, not everything from a brand.

If someone asks me for my favorite brands, I don't wear all of the clothing from the brands I mention. I might not even have any clothing from my favorite brands. I might just like their style and I am trying to express my style to someone else.

Not that anyone ever asks...
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I'm loyal to Calvin Klein underwear.

It conforms to my chiseled abs and pecs perfectly.
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"polo on everything i own even the shit i shave with."
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Originally Posted by mass
"polo on everything i own even the shit i shave with."

Thirstin Howl III?
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thats what i was thinking... lo lifes... i wonder where polo would be without them
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I have pretty much 0 brand loyalty, however if I own a product from a specific company and that company has done me right in the past, I will look at their wares first. If they have nothing that meets my needs, I move on. I read too many reviews and do too much research on everything but it has served me well. I think people all too often assume too much based on brands.
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I like Jay-Z but I wouldn't rock Rocawear. I think that's not really towards the original post, but I'm fascinated by 'personality' clothing lines (is there a term for these other than branding?).
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I have brand loyalty to the extent that if a brand I already like comes out with a new product, I will at least give it a look. However, I generally don't even spend any time perusing the products of brands I don't know or like, so if they were to come out with a new product, I might not even see it to decide whether it was something I like or not.
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