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How to spot a fake Loro Piana, Kiton or Brioni? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by MikeDT View Post

No kidding...

That is bad.

How dare you! I am sure that was made for a Mr. Brioni who was also going to buy the club and just name it after himself thus explaining the placement

in player spot in back and front logo location.

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Would anyone be able to confirm the authenticity of this LP cashmere sweater from these pics?  








Is there anything you can look for without physically being able to feel/look at construction?

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Originally Posted by binge View Post

What would you do if the consensus here was that it was fake:

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Looks real, but you're still overpaying...
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I think (pretty sure) that i just bought a matingala Loro Piana coat for 16 euro's at at carboot sale in Berlin (he really didn't know anything about it).

I was there for the weekend, and just liked the look of the jacket (i even got the price down from 20 to 16 euros!).


After some online research i discovered the price Loro Piana coats go for! Wouw, it seems i made a great buy!!

Everything on the jacket screams original, perfect finishing, stitching, suede details etc.

All the buttons and the zipper have Loro Piana written on them.

The coat is in mint condition.


I have been looking around for what kind of models there are available.

On the inside of the jacket it says that the outer coat is:

89% cotton 11 % cashmere

and the inner coat is:

100% polyester


100% Carpa Scamosciata (suede goat skin).


I can now only find the cashmere or vicuna but read somewhere they also did a cotton/cashmere version in navy blue.

And why would anybody make a fake coat, and then not mention it is the cashmere stom proof version?!

What would a jacket like this retail for? Does anybody know anything about the cotton version?

And if i where to sell it, would ebay be the best option (i live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands).


Or if anybody on this forum would be interested it is a size 48, i would gladly post some foto's of the coat and all the details.

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The inner label on the item under the double pocket is not centered under the button that is located in the middle of the top pocket. its offset. A faux tag would be perfectly centered under that button. its Real

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the placement on the collar label is incorrect, either it was removed then replaced, or its fake.  High end designers will never ever, ever place a label over a seamed fabric, so as the stitching on the label would bridge, it causes a condition in the textile industry known as a "basterd joint or union" compromises the structural integrity of the garment over time.  picking that garment up over time by the collar will tug on the nape, think about it ;)


any other questions I'm here till Thursday   

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Considering said questions were asked in 2012, I'd say followup is unlikely... welcome to Styleforum. Might want to check dates on posts :thumbs-up:

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