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How do you wear a necktie as a belt?

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I've seen this look several times and wouldn't mind trying it as I have a plethora of ties I never wear. Anyone know how to tie and/or wrap it? Any suggestions would be appreciated...thanks...
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Hi I just tie it like a tie. I tie it off center so it hangs down the right side, instead of hanging down the middle. Ryan
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Or you can just tie a couple of knots in it, if you're not particularly attached to the tie in question. It also helps if it's a narrow (3 inches wide or less) tie, and it helps even more if you happen to be Fred Astaire.  
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I don't recommend this unless you're female. Hot female. And you're trapped in 6 months ago. Wow that was superficially of me. nice.
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I don't recommend this unless you're female.   Hot female.  And you're trapped in 6 months ago.  
So this is a trend that's come and gone already and I haven't heard of it yet? Wow, I knew I was a little behind the times, but that's ridiculous. Scott
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If you grew up in Massachusetts, hung out with Kip, Cammie, and Kitty, and summered on the Cape, Nantucket, or the Vineyard, then the tie-as-belt is always en vogue. It provides a nice change from grosgrain or J.Press belts with spouting whales, crossed racquets, or mallard heads. I do agree, though, that it should be a tie you don't care about...they get pretty wrinkley around your waist. Ryan
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OK, I finally saw this. Maybe I was more observant after reading about it here, but I saw a young woman at the mall wearing a blue and white striped tie as as belt. She had it threaded through a belt buckle in front. Interesting look. Scott
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:ulls out -every-single- hair::
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Tie as a belt? I did this in high school on non-uniform days when I forgot that it was a non-uniform day. Dumb-looking even back in the eighties. These days, I only see this look being sported by corporate- goons-in-the-making-looking fratboy/jock/preppy types. Oh, did I just show bias?
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I second LA Guy. The tie as a belt look is not the greatest look. If you are looking for a preppy look, perhaps a ribbon belt is more desirable. As with any look, if one goes overboard with the look, it just looks weird. So, in my opinion, just consider a ribbon belt. I dunno if you were looking to go for a prep look so this is just a small suggestion. Hope this helps... -HitMan009
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Ah yes, sweet sanity.
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Isn't the tie as a belt an effeminate look?  I've only seen it on women. Is there a different way to wear it that I haven't seen in a J Crew catalog?
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In my mind, the question isn't "how" but rather "why?" Kai
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ARISE FROM THE DUST, YE HERETOFORE DECEASED THREAD OF YESTERYEAR. in the for-what-it's-worth department: i visited j.crew today and saw the staff had bedecked several pairs of men's chinos on display with their (women's?) tie-belts. they were colorful, i thought. i had previously thought they were marketed to the women, judging by their latest catalog. however they had some in the belt rack beside the men's POS, so maybe they had a change of heart. In addition they had some spiffy new pocket squares, very colorful with stripes, offered at $22US. /andrew the necromancer. ('there are some who call me..."tim"...' - m.python)
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Fred Astaire is well known for having used ties as belts. It's one of his signature looks.
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