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umbro x kim jones

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Hey guys i've just been informed of a 50% surplus sale at my local boutique, so i'm headed there in a few days to raid the store for some umbro x kim jones (hopefully).

What i'm on the lookout for are kicks, since my last pair of superstars lasted me 2 years of junior college and absurd late night rambles with friends and other such adventures, but have recently given way just at the littlest toe from sheer wear. Looking at it, i managed to abrade through all that leather through wear.

So i'm wondering if people here have had good times with the umbro x kimjones sneakers? just to give me an idea of whether i should spend my cash on a pair of these, or head for more conventional pumas or le coq sportifs. Also, any recommendations on any of his other designs to look at? I've heard quite a bit about his hoodies.
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I would definitely take a peek at the entire line. I think it's pretty good-looking sportswear though I know nothing of the make.
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I think the clothes are crappy but some sneakers are nice, mainly because they look like slightly different Stan Smith's.
I would definitely get a pair at 50% off.
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Mmkay. I'll keep that in mind when i pop down. I like the aesthetic of the sneakers, very quiet mostly except for his weaves which are pretty tasteful anyway, but i'm more worried about their construction. I'm dumb that way.
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Let me know if they have the metal hooded jacket, in S
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The sneakers are getting better and better. I had a pair of the new baseball style boots they are doing and they have outlasted my other Stan Smiths. In London the clothes are really highly regarded, Kim is the next big thing. If you want to get anything try, they work straight with the brand so can offer you straight from the warehouse which is pretty cool.
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I remember my Umbro soccer shorts and shoes. I loved that brand.
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Originally Posted by Brian SD
Let me know if they have the metal hooded jacket, in S

Will do! Can't wait to knock off at work tmr to rush down for the sale. Thanks for the feedback guys
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spiffy new shoes, but the sharp sides have abraded a bit of my skin off unfortunately. no luck finding the jacket, brian.
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