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I have issues trying to do the roll when I get to the end of the pool.
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flipturns? it's basically a somersault and then you kick off and streamline and maybe throw in some dolphin kicks when i first learned i kept flipping sideways instead of straight so it takes some practice btw, did another 2k today and practiced my backhand and skip shots
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Any good articles/videos out there to breakdown the finer points of the basic strokes. It's been a few years since I've seen the pool and would like to get back into it.
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^ try just looking around youtube for tutorials

did 1500 today, lazy sunday
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I just rejoined our local gym almost entirely for the purpose of using their lap pool (although I'll use the other stuff as well to get a well-rounded workout). I haven't done much swimming lately and miss it.
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Attempted 1500 without goggles and failed miserably, ended up just doing a random number of flipboard kicking
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Just getting back into swimming. I swam 350 meters tonight. The pool is much longer than I remember. But I feel good and am looking forward to going back tomorrow or the next day. If I don't swim tomorrow I will probably go for a run.
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double day today. 6.5 mile run at noon. standard swim workout after work. 250 breast, 250 free, 500 free with the evil strokemasters (red), 250 breast, 25 minutes of free.

missing the open water already though...

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brutal waterpolo practice tonight, 3 hours of pain.

warm up was 4 100 reverse IM's with 5 seconds rest inbetween. 50m sprint relays, one guy swims and everyone else is shoulders out until their turn

leg workout was a relay. one person would hold half a 5 gallon jug of water over their head and eggbeater across the pool and back while everyone else had to have shoulders out the whole time.

then it got better and we were practicing shooting drills and then we scrimmaged and did some sprints
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I did 500 meters at lunchtime today. It was a good quick workout.
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Did another 500 yesterday, then ran a couple of miles and swam another 250 tonight. Once I get my swimming fitness back up to par I'll start extending my distance.
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easy swim sets today with an easy practice 200 warm up 4 75's, first 25 free, second breast, third free 3 100's on the 1:15 3 50's on the 50 4 50 eggbeaters with defender pushing back (pretty tough) bunch of different shooting drills and intense legs workout some scrimmage
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high 90s here in Long Beach, CA today so did a lunch time swim, prolly 1500m or so. it was great.

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I still have trouble with the flipturns.

This spring I took "lessons" from a member of the Sarah Lawrence swim team. She made me change virtually everything I was doing. Then another coach said what she taught me was all wrong. Then a friend of mine who swims competetively and takes master classes with Olympians all over the country said that all consensus has been shattered and everyone is doing different things these day.

Oh, yesterday 2300.
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