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Originally Posted by Manton View Post
I still have trouble with the flipturns.

This spring I took "lessons" from a member of the Sarah Lawrence swim team. She made me change virtually everything I was doing. Then another coach said what she taught me was all wrong. Then a friend of mine who swims competetively and takes master classes with Olympians all over the country said that all consensus has been shattered and everyone is doing different things these day.

Oh, yesterday 2300.

I don't hang with the swimming elite, but this is what I'm gathering as well. When I was teaching lessons, years ago, it was like that.

I REALLY need to get back into the pool. New gym doesn't have one
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2 x 800. probably my last no wetsuit, open water swim of the season. it was cold to the point that my extremities were getting numb and i was shivering for a good 15-20 minutes afterwards. still, a great swim and i'll miss it until spring time rolls around again.

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Only about 700 today - I just don't have the lung strength I need to really get a good swim workout in. Even after my first 100 my breathing takes effort and it's not like I'm horribly out of shape. Any advice on how to improve my breathing and lung strength? Other than just "More laps," which is already the plan?
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you could try hypoxic breathing and just holding your breath underwater as long as you can
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started taking lessons yesterday, hope to get to the point where I can swim laps pretty well.

just out of curiousity - those of you who swim 2000-2500 m, how long does it usually take, about?

I've worked up to jogging about an hour - 10 K. I would like to do a run a week and a swim a week, eventually.
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1000 yesterday and again today. Took me about 35 minutes today, give or take
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Can't run because my IT band is killing me and i believe i need to see a specialist and an orthopedist.

Well will check tomorrow a swimming pool and join for lunch swims.

getting fat without running... that is annoying
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500 breast, 4000 free. outdoor pool. as i was leaving the car to get to the pool it said 39 and when i got back to the car it said 49. but i'm guessing RBAC keeps the pool at around 80 degrees. it felt freakin' great (actually maybe a little too warm). but during the rest breaks, half your body is in the water and the other half is outside the water in the cold air, yeah, love that feeling. then a short 20 minute soak in their jacuzzi afterwards. nice way to end the year.

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were you swimming in their short course or long course pool? long course is much colder than 80 degrees and the short course feels like a muggy sauna
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swam a km today. first time doing it while traveling in a hotel gym. very happy with myself. I can see doing a mile now, and that is basically a goal.
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Originally Posted by globetrotter View Post
just out of curiousity - those of you who swim 2000-2500 m, how long does it usually take, about?
For 2000 yards, I'd assume a fast swimmer would have it done in between 25 and 30 minutes. That's assuming they just swam straight without breaking it into sets. I start my swimming back up this weekend sometime. 1500 meters or bust.
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bringing this thread out of the winter! open water season has begun! did two of the standard laps down here in Bayshore, Long Beach. testing out a sleeveless wetsuit. felt freakin' great.

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Rough one today, lots of sprints.
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40 min, unknown number of meters. Good to be in a pool again.
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Any tips for someone trying to regain a stroke after not swimming seriously since childhood? I'm taking a class and practicing, but feel like I just cannot make a breakthrough to swim past 50m without gasping for breath. Oddly, it seems like it's the kicking that really wears me out, even though I run and cycle (I guess a completely different motion/muscle group at play).
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