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I just received my order from coldrice. Another happy customer! Got some S5000VX's from him. Awesome service, awesome jeans. It took about 6-7 days total to get them, including the weekend. The EMS is super quick. They're in the tub now. I'll take pictures soon. I love life
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Just received an order from coldrice and, I have to say, the service was fantastic. My order took a little longer than usual because one of the pairs was out of stock at the store, but once he got them, he promptly sent them and they took less than 3 days to get here. Highly recommend coldrice's service.

For those interested, I got a pair of Eternal 811's, a pair of 1944 Lee 101's, and a 1944 Lee 101J jacket. Great stuff.
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Just got my second order, everything fast and perfect. The Flathead 3007.
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Just received me package from Derrick today. He sent it out on Monday and it was here on the East Coast, at my doorstep by today. Unfortunately, the jeans I ordered don't fit me but that's another story. Excellent service and highly recommended. Thanks, Derrick!
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Originally Posted by PG2G
How are they? Happy with the fit?

I like the fit. Similar to the PBJ AI-001's but with a more familiar jean material. I went down 1" in the waist with the recommendation from Derrick that they would stretch. They did stretch and the waist is perfect.
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Originally Posted by keal
Just got my D'artisan wallet from xcoldricex. Fast, fast EMS service! Derrick rocks!

Damn that's nice! Excellent buy! I envy you. I'll try to convince myself that I need food this month, and not leather

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Thanks, beefcake! I discovered that if you smell the wallet every other hour, it fills you up and you don't need to eat all day! <hint, hint>
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keal, you're a very bad man! It's a killer wallet tho! Just a little big for where I'd put it (front left pocket ) --Wade
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Got my shipment of Canes (SC40301A) today! They shipped out Thursday and I'm ver happy. Posting pics in the denim thread!
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My PBJ XX-005s came in the mail today and I could not be more psyched. XColdriceX definitely came through big time.

Unfortunately I don't have access to a camera right now, but I'm seriously impressed with these jeans. The texture really is as amazing as I have read.
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After about a week of back and forth emails (coldrice really goes the distance to help you out) I still haven't found some boots I'd really like to get (looking for some back carpe diem motorcycle boots) but I ordered a lad musician short 1-button sportscoat from him yesterday, he already shipped it and I should receive the package by next week.
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Got my wallet today, fast as usual, took 3 days from the day I payed I think.
It's just so big I hope it fits in my Samurai's though.
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what kind did you get hjj?>
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^ wallet pics please!
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A wallet pron thread is in order...
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