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Grenson last 96

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Does anyone have any experience with Grenson's last 96, e.g. the Shotley or the Radley? If so, in terms of look, how would you compare it to, say, EG's 888 and C&J's 337?

Grenson Shotley:

Grenson Radley:

Many thanks in advance
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FWIW, not the most elegant last I've seen. In my opinion, there's insufficient curvature (or concavity) in the sweep of the vamp--down through the facings and out to the toe. This is particularly evident in the Shotley. In the Radley, the inelegance of the profile is seen a little more clearly in what seems like a sort of "swollen" form wrt the facings.
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I agree with Roger. It's not a terrible looking last at all, but falls short of the 888 especially, and trhe 337 too.
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