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Thinking of returning newly-bought shoes.. advice?

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Sorry if this doesnt seem as 'high-class' as the $600 prada shoes this board is accustomed to , but I'm a teenager (17) whose trying just to look better than your average teenager with baggy jeans/tshirt and whatever (you can see my plea for help here: ) looking for advice from you guys... anyways, Im having a slight bout of buyers' remorse... My mom bought me a pair of shoes (well she paid for it, i chose it), i was looking for a pair of a casual (less sporty like my ADIDAS SUPERSTARS i wear almost everyday) shoes for a couple weeks for a perfect pair (i dont have a huge dispensible income, so i can only get one pair of NICE shoes), and i found these ones at Transit that looked fairly nice. I wore them to school today however, and i noticed that in one class, there were like 4, 5, 6 guys wearing the same style of shoes. (Same suede color, or same style with that little extra stitching on the toebox) I dont know, i wanna look better than most, but i also like to stand out more, rather than have the same thing everybody else is wearing. Do you guys think i should keep them, or return them and find something more unique? Im not looking to spend too much, under $70CAD would be great, $80 is my max. I'd feel guilty gouging my mom out for shoes if i did want shoes more expensive than that here are my shoes: Thanks alot, i really appreciate this.
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Sonick, I am sure that we have all been in a spot like yours. However, the fact is you wore them and nothings wrong with them as to justify their return.  The proper thing is to keep them. I don't know if they have "˜flee markets' where you live, but if you get on the prowl there you might be surprised at what you find. I found a pair of Wallabies for $15. Moreover, wear what you like"”I've owned a pair of gray Velcro strap shoes for about a 1-year now. I think they look cool. Hope I helped, Parsonsdb
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i think the shoes you bought are fine, i have a similar pair in more rough suede that looks great with jeans that i wear during the summer but i don't have to deal with peer pressure at school, that's long in my past; so alternate them with your other shoes
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Thanks for the replies.. well, the shoes are almost perfect condition, you can't really tell they've been worn. They still have the 'new shoe' leather smell, and even the texture on the flat part of the sole is still easily visible (not worn down), so I doubt returning them would be that much of a problem... Thanks for the replies.
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Why don't you keep them, but wear them to places other than school? This way, you can still have some nice, fashionable shoes to wear in the appropriate places, but can wear other "non-conforming" shoes to school.
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Sonick - Based on your descriptions of the other kids in your school, I doubt many of them will even notice that you have the same shoes as them. I would keep the shoes, but find a way to pair them with clothing that is more distinctive than your peers. If your overall image is one that is unique and stylish, no one will even notice the individual pieces that go into it. Unless you are wearing a school uniform, I would assume that you can find a way to stand out from the crowd. Bradford
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Okay thanks alot you guys, im just gonna keep the shoes... I *do* need a pair less sporty than my Adidas anywas...
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Sonick, Did you also post on the message boards? I think i remember seeing a similar post there by someone with a similar username?
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VersaceMan: Yes, yes i did
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Awesome, what a coincidence. I have a knack for remembering stuff like that...unfortuantely it usually takes the place of more important stuff. About the shirts...I think the solid blue looks good, solids are always understated and good looking, but that striped shirt looks really cool. I too am younger (18) and last year when I was in high school, everybody dressed down...baggy jeans and a t-shirt, you stuck out if you had khakis on. It's good to hear you are trying to look nice, thats what I tried to do last year too.
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I say keep the shoes. I'm 21 turning 22 and I noticed too that most guys within a relatively close age bracket are either turning to the style of shoe you bought with the stitching around the top edges of the toes (but I've been seeing mostly black matte leather) or to the Diesel style runners. If you're looking for 'different but fits in', you're going to be spending a lot of your time doing just that: looking. Having a shoe that doesn't stand out isn't that big a deal. I think the way you dress upwards of the shoe is more noticeable and counts more.
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Yeah, i returned the blue one, it just didnt match enough of my other clothes.. the striped shirt however i love... works great unbuttoned with a Tshirt, or buttoned up untucked, or tucked in.. or with jeans or khakis.. very versatile. Just wish i got an XS instead of S.. ohwell... yeah its funny how you meet ppl from different forums...
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