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I have for sale a pair of white APC jeans. These were standard, blue, raw denim to begin with. After some time, I didn't like the way they were fading, so I decided to experiment a bit with them. I bleached out all the color, successfully leaving the denim pretty fragile. There are numerous holes in them, many patched with off-white canvas by hand! I get you could say they have full canvassed constuction, by hand, just like that Brioni you were eyeing on eBay. The hems are opened up, so hopefully they are the right length. They are New Standard cut, size 28. They've obviously been washed a number of times and they won't be shrinking/stretching. The inseam is roughly 31.5/32". I'm really not sure if there is any interest in these, so if you want measurements, let me know, otherwise, whatever. Pictures follow, and I promise, they look better in real life than in the pics. I think it's a bad angle. I don't know, make an offer or something...if you want. Dan